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Local residents travel to Ohio for union meeting


No, I haven’t quit again, we were just out of town last weekend.

Bob and I took Don and Coreen Pridemore with us and headed to Goshen, Ohio, to attend the union meeting at the Northern New Home Church. We left Saturday before last and when we got to Winchester we took the back roads to Carrollton, where we spent the night at General Butler State Park.

After having supper at the lodge, we drove and walked around the park seeing points of interest and reading about the history of the area. We left there early Sunday morning, and I drove on to Goshen to the church.

Toby Breeding had also come to Ohio for the union meeting. We’re glad he had a safe trip there and back. They make you feel so welcome at the church, and have dinner after services.

Mom enjoyed seeing her former grade school classmate, Mable Back Francis, and catching up on Mable’s sister, Francis Hampton, and George Hampton’s family.

We also sat behind Arlie Craft’s widow, Genevieve, and she explained that she is Vada Caudill’s sister-inlaw, and was raised at the head of Defeated Creek in Knott County.

After church services, our niece, Beth Banks, drove from Middletown, Ohio, to meet us, and we talked her into having dinner at the church. She enjoyed the good food and meeting all of the church members.

On our way home, we traveled Highway 52 by the Ohio River to Maysville, and back down to Winchester, then on home. The only disappointment of the trip was that, after we got away from eastern Kentucky, the beautiful dogwood and redbud trees became scarcer. They are so plentiful here that I though we would continue to see them in abundance all the way to Ohio, but that wasn’t the case.

A surprise birthday party was given for Irene Fields Caudill Jent, who turned 80 on Saturday. Her daughter, Debbie, came in from Indiana, and was able to get everything ready without Irene knowing it. Debbie, Buck and Emily made it a special day, and we’re glad Irene’s family and friends also helped them. The party was held Saturday at the Mount Olivet Church at Blackey, and the kitchen was full of family, friends and neighbors to wish Irene a happy birthday.

Debbie also had her granddaughter with her, but I forgot the pretty little girl’s name.

Debbie, Buck and Emily Adams also came to Mount Olivet Church’s Saturday evening service with Irene.

Arnetta Mae Slone is feeling some better and still having some tests done on her heart. She spent a few days in the hospital and wasn’t able to attend the funeral of her aunt, Alpha Adams Eoff, who recently died in Eubank.

Arnetta’s granddaughter, Amanda, and her husband, Kenny, have bought Guy and Patsy Park’s home on Black Bottom, which is right beside of Arnetta Mae’s home.

Get well wishes to Wanda Maggard of Sycamore, who also spent a few days in the hospital. While there she saw many of her friends whom she had worked with for years at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital.

We also hope that Sylvania Whitaker is feeling better. She has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately, and we pray the Lord will strengthen her and she can feel better. Her family takes good care of her, taking turns staying at he hospital with her when she is there.

Coreen Pridemore and Nova Adams both recently had birthdays, and we hope both had a happy birthday.

We had lunch and cake for Mom (Coreen) on April 29, it was me, Bonita, Kietzi (K.P.) and Lana and baby Luke and his dad, together at Sycamore. Dad surprised us all by pulling up in a new pickup truck that day.

Here is a reminder about the 1968 Letcher class reunion that is coming up on Saturday, June 13, at noon. If anyone plans to attend, they need to send their money so arrangements can be made to buy the food for the reunion.

They are also trying to locate these classmates they don’t have addresses for: Donnie Lusk, Barbara Back and James Dixon. If anyone can help with locating them, please call 633-7049 or 633- 0431.

Last week I stopped in to see Bulah Back, and ended up staying quite a while. I hadn’t seen her at church lately, and was worried she might have been sick. It was good to talk with her, and I’m glad to know she wasn’t sick. We attended the Poor Fork Church at Cumberland last Sunday, and sat near Eugene and Mary Shepherd. Mary said her niece, Ava Blair of Ohio, had had surgery and she was concerned about her. We hope things go well with Ava.

Shirley June Whitaker also hasn’t been feeling well. I called her last week, and she is on strong antibiotics to help her, and said her aunt from Washington is going to come and stay with her soon. Her aunt is planning an extended stay with Shirley June to help her out.

Earl Combs is taking care of the cemeteries behind Dixon Memorial Church, and those with loved ones buried there can mail donations for lawn mowing and weed-eating to him at: 1365 Carcassonne Road, Blackey, KY 41804.

Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith of Ohio, recently spent a couple of nights here, visiting with the Pridemores and the Smiths and other kinfolk in the area.

Anna Lou Blair will be in Jeremiah this week, helping Mary Jo Blair springclean Lillie Moss Hale’s apartment.

Beth Smith, Benji and Danna’s daughter, has finished her nursing program and, after taking her boards, she plans to work in Hazard.

I hope all mothers have a very nice Mother’s Day this Sunday.

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