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Local road projects explained

With road construction on major roads in Letcher County, it’s sometimes easy to overlook smaller road projects, but there are two relatively small projects that cropped up this week that deserve a second look.

One is a bridge on the Kentucky 15 Bypass. The bridge was closed earlier this year with traffic signals on either end, then it was finished and crews moved on. But about two weeks ago, the traffic signals were back. The work crews were back as well, milling the concrete on one side of the bridge and re-pouring it, scant months after the entire bridge was repaired and resurfaced.

Sara George, a spokeswoman for the District 12 office of the Kentucky Department of Transportation, said the work was correcting a problem with the earlier repairs, so the state didn’t have to pay for it.

“The concrete on one side of the bridge didn’t meet contract specs,” George said.

The work is now complete and the temporary signal lights are back down.

The other project this week is where KY 3401 connects with KY 15 near Parkway Inn. Survey crews are working in that area now, but George said not to expect any construction there right away.

“There is no project yet,” she said. “The highway department is proposing a left-turn lane there.”

The intersection is in the middle of a curve and has been the site of numerous rear-end collisions when motorists have stopped to turn left and get hit by cars coming around the curve on the two-lane section of KY 15.

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