Whitesburg KY

Longtime friends meet at center

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

A lot of our folks are having health problems, my pastor Bro. John Conn and wife Alicia and Ami O’Rourke, and my sister Louise Shepherd is in the hospital. I hope she will be out soon.

There have been so many funerals lately. We offer our sympathies to all their families. I went to the funeral of Marie Hale yesterday. I’ve known her and her family for many years. My pastor was one of the ministers and Jennifer Absher of our church was one of the singers. She is an especially good singer. I also got to hear Freida Buttrey sing for the first time and I really enjoyed hearing her. I’ve known her and her family for a long time.

We had a great service at church Tuesday night. Our young people really got in and had a great time. We really appreciate Bro. Jamie Niece and his wife Judah for working with our young people. They are doing a great job. We are proud of them.


I was pleased to get a call this morning from my brother Hillard Howard in Florida. They were doing O.K., but we miss them! We can’t complain because most of them all live here and we sure are glad we have them here. Most of them stay busy and get out.

I sure am enjoying going to Senior Citizens. I hadn’t been in a long time. I was so pleased to see some of my Blackey friends there, Martha Burns and Joann Walters. We were in school in first grade together and we have kept in touch. We sure got in a lot of talking. I’ll look forward to seeing them next week. They go to the Blackey Center part of the week.

I was so pleased to hear from my new friend, Glenora Eldridge, in Milan, Ind. She was having trouble with her right hand and so am I. I have trouble writing. When I heard about all her life, it was like living mine. We have so much in common. She lived in Johnson Fork till she married and then moved away and still lives there. I’ve lived here since I was 11 years old and live about a mile from there now.

I’ve read the story of her life in Charles Dixon’s book that she wrote. I hope to get to meet her. She lives about two hours from my son Astor in Georgetown, not two houses.

My son Bill and wife Sandra came by for a visit today. He had been out with his daughter Angie Hatton, campaigning and meeting people and enjoying it. They love people and meeting new ones.

Today is such a beautiful day. I got out and checked on my flowers and rose bushes. I have lots of blooms and everything is looking good. I love this time of year and I can get outside and do whatever I want to do. I like to work outside.

I heard my sister Kathleen Brock is out of the hospital and didn’t need to have blood. That’s what she was up there for. That’s good news. My sister Louise Shepherd is getting out of the hospital today and that’s good news also. I hope they will be doing better.

I talked with my son Astor today. They are doing fine.

I talk with my son Rob every day and it’s almost like a visit.

It’s not long until all four of them are going to the Bristol races. I think they have been going for about 15 years. They really look forward to it. I hope the weather will be good.

I haven’t got to talk to a lot of people this week, but I’ve been gone a lot.

Rose Ballard, I hope you are doing better and can get out on the road soon and see everyone.

I talked with my sister Joann Brown in Indianapolis, Ind. They were doing O.K. She is working a lot and selling lots of houses. She’s a good talker and that’s good.

One year ago March 12 our cousin Bro. Larry Van Hatton died. He was living in Indiana. He lived here most of his life. He had a carpet store and he was pastor of a church here. He was pastor of a church in Indiana. He had two children, Jerome Hatton of Whitesburg and Tabatha Spencer in Ohio. Our sympathy certainly goes out to them and their family. He will be remembered by all his family and friends here.

I haven’t heard from many people, but I think of them and hope they are doing well.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this Sunday if you are able. I hope I’ve not bored you.

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