Whitesburg KY

Look for family histories

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. The weather has been so nice.

I have had a special project going and it’s about to get the best of me. I am trying to get all my files and records in order and ready to move to the genealogy room at the library. I never realized how many families I had researched through the years. So look for your family once I get them in and they are catalogued.

We have some good news about a couple of our friends who have been in the hospital. Ms. June Craft was home and able to attend church on Sunday morning. Paul Adams is now in Letcher Manor and was able to sit on the porch for awhile. What an awesome God we have. Praise His holy name.

Little Pete Slone got a good report from his doctor this week. Pete said he was going to beat it, and it looks like he is doing so with the help of his doctors and of course with the help of our Almighty God. Colson

I’m sad to say Lizzie Hamilton is not doing very well, so please remember her in prayer. She grew up at Colson and moved to Michigan years ago, but she is still ours.

Jean Cook has been under the weather and we need a healing for her and for Maxine Quillen, and also for my neighbor Geneva Akemon.

My sister Anita was in for the weekend. She visited with all our family, and we love to have her and wish she could come more often. She and Lou enjoyed their time together too.

Edsel, Carol and Kaylee came up for awhile on Saturday evening. Kaylee wasn’t feeling so well. She and I usually have a tea party, but she didn’t want to. Oh she enjoyed seeing Gus and Wilma on Halloween and says “hi” to them. She sure loves them.

Our seniors at Colson had a good time at the Golden Arts Fair at Hazard this week. Opal was a big winner in Hazard with her salsa. Lucky Sexton won two firstplace ribbons in the county for his apple butter and his fried pears. Way to go!

I had forgotten to thank Blackey, Jenkins, Ermine and Boone Fork for coming to our center for the Elder Abuse Western Party. Also thanks to Trenda for the information. She always shares such helpful hints with the seniors.

Raymond and Annette Isaacs have been in Lexington for a doctor’s appointment, and also visited with Delana and in Frankfort with Sonny and Myrtle Webb. It is always so nice to visit with family.

Diane Holbrook has been in Destin, Fla. for a few days with Lettie, Debbie and Brittany Their pictures were fantastic of the sunset. I know the girls had fun. Diane had a birthday this week and we wish her many more.

On Wednesday, Diane Holbrook, Sherry Sexton, Jean Cook, Maxine Quillen, Donna Boggs, Don Amburgey, Dr. David Narramore and I all had lunch at the Parkway Restaurant, and it’s always good to get together.

Coolie and Janice were busy this weekend with their Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to see everything lit up. Coolie’s head has enlarged about as big as a bushel tub this week after finding out that Nikki and Brian are expecting a little boy. He’s already planning his hunting trips and what all he can get in camouflage! Poor baby will be spotting deer by the time he can talk. We are all excited about the baby.

Welcome to Miss Emily Grace Whitaker, the daughter of Paul and Betty Whitaker.

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