Whitesburg KY

Look out for deer on the roads

We are in such a beautiful time of year. Everything is growing and the trees and the grass are such a lovely color because of the newness of God’s world. He is the greatest of artists. He only paints masterpieces.

The cool nights and warm days seem so fresh, and all the little streams are fresh from the rain. The gardens are doing well so far. Peas are ready to stick, lettuce and onions are almost ready to start picking.

Claude and the boys have been going dryland fishing. They found 48 one day. Linefork

The turkeys have been scratching everything up, looking for food and also to finish nesting places to raise more young ones to be running around. Deer are everywhere, and so pretty to see running and jumping, but they are very dangerous at night running across the roads. Everyone must be on the lookout for them. They run in front of cars and can cause bad accidents.

I was at Whitesburg Food City recently and happened to meet the sweetest and kindest lady and her young granddaughter, who was so lovely. We had a good talk while waiting at the check-out, and also at the meat department. She told me that her granddaughter has a twin sister. They were not identical. Her husband died some time back and she lives alone. He was 81 years old.

The children stay with her some and go to the store with her. I truly enjoyed talking with her. I didn’t get her name or phone number, so if you read this, call or write me and let me know your name.

Bonnie Ingram, 14972 HWY 160, Linefork, KY 41833. Phone: 606- 589- 5078.

You said that you lived up close to Fishpond Lake. I like to go there on picnics and ride boats and fish. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place to go.

One of my classmates of 1949 at Kingdom Come High School came by to visit us for awhile a few days go. Glennon B. Ison and his wife Thelma. They live in Flemingsburg, and also have a farm on Little Kingdom Come. It was his family home when he was a child. He has been doing a lot of work on the place since his brother Harding died.

Harding lived there at the old homeplace all of his life. He never married, and he taught school there for so many years. He was a good man and our good friend. He was a good singer. He made me a cassette of several of his songs for our 40th anniversary. It brought tears to my eyes to listen to the words he sang. He couldn’t come to the wedding anniversary, so he brought his songs to us. They were perfect for that occasion.

Glennon said he and Thelma had been out riding on Linefork, and he couldn’t believe how much things have changed over the years. He said his children and grandchildren love to come to the farm and help him work around the place, and the young ones love to play there.

He and I were graduates of Kingdom Come High School in the year 1949, with a class of 13 students, four girls and nine boys. Members of the class were Reba Blevins, Bernice Cornett, Vivian Huff, Bonnie Cornett, Glennon Ison, Burton Cox, Donald Shepherd, Bob Akemon, George Miniard, Van Roark, Larkin Hogg, Ernest Blevins and Coeburn Ison. Our teachers were Principal, Forrester Ison, Vernon E. Whitaker, Ethel Franklin, Arthur Watts and Ira and Opal Whitaker.

Forrester lived in the cabin that belonged with the school. It was a beautiful place, two stories and really big. Lots of schoolchildren would stay there when the weather was bad.

Glennon was Forrester’s baby brother, and he brought him to stay with him to go to school and to help take care of the school and cabin. Building fires in the pot-bellied stoves was a big job in cold winter weather. He had a few other boys to help most of the time. They mowed lawns with push mowers in warm weather.

We didn’t have snow days, we went to school every day when we were able to go. Some had to walk across two mountains every day, some only one mountain. It was really hard, but they came. Some road horses, and that was fun. I did that a lot.

Well, every day is getting a little closer to our reunion on May 28. I’m getting things organized pretty well. I want to tell everyone to please let me hear from you by May 10. We have to know how many to prepare for by that time. So call me or write me by then. Send your money for the dinner, $10 per person. Some already have made their reservations. I’m hoping for a big crowd. It will be so good to see everyone at least one more time.

Don’t’ miss this good time. I love and hope to see a big turnout. So many have passed away, and we will miss them so much. If any of you have pictures, yearbooks, or any memorabilia of KCHS, please bring it to let everyone else see.

I hope everyone has a good Easter and a wonderful summer. The redbud and dogwood trees are so beautiful right now, and it’s so pretty in the mountains around us.

I’ll write again soon.

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