Whitesburg KY

Looking back at life

I usually do my writing late at night when quiet prevails, but not this time because it’s almost noon. Being a diabetic sometimes causes one to have to alter the course they had planned, and this has happened to me numerous times, so here I sit with pen in hand.

I can write about almost anything, but sometimes that ‘almost anything’ evades me. I may have a touch of ‘sometime-ers disease’ because sometimes my mind works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes I see well enough to read and write, and sometimes I don’t. So I just take advantage of what comes along.

I just got to thinking about things I did in life, and all the things I started but didn’t finish, which are numerous.

For instance, I didn’t finish high school and joined the Army instead, which you can’t do now. I came back from overseas in January 1964 after 37 months, and in mid-1964 I was informed that I would be attending classes to get my GED.

So I got my GED in 1964. Not because I wanted to, but because there was no way to get around it. I stayed in the Army for six years simply because I wanted to.

So I went in at age 17 and came out at age 23 since I figured there had to be a better way to make a living. And believe me, I worked at quite a number of diff erent occupations over the years, from civil service to commercial fishing.

I certainly didn’t get rich, but I survived, even if I didn’t always eat too high on the hog.

I didn’t have to go to college, but I did because I wanted to, but wouldn’t have finished if it wasn’t for a young lady who worked there with me and is very dear to me. She said something to me in a nice way, but still made me feel like a quitter, so I guess you could say she lit a fire under me.

It wasn’t easy, but it became a challenge at age 50, but at least I got my degree and earned the right to wear the gold at graduation.

I have made many friends along life’s journey and cherish them all because they are precious to me. To have a friend you have to show yourself as friendly.

In other words, don’t expect someone to be your friend if you’re a grouch or fake friend, meaning being a friend at your convenience or for your benefit.

A friend doesn’t change like the weather, but is the same all the time and anywhere they are. The best friend I have I’ve never seen, but I believe I will see Him when my life’s journey is finished.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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