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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Looking forward to Blackey Days

Southern Ohio

Hello again!

Oh the beautiful weather we’re having in the Ohio Valley area! We had a light summer rain. If only it had been dark, I might have gone streaking as I so often tease and say I’m going to do.

Since my son is staying with me, well I guess I should straighten up and act like a respectable mom. Oh heck, I need to have a little fun!

One morning last week while helping a friend who has a large back yard, there was a low-hanging fog blanketing the ground. I walked through just to feel the coolness of the mist. It was so refreshing, then I watched as the mist slowly dissipated with the sun.

I am so filled with anticipation as Blackey Days will soon be approaching. There are a few people I want to meet, first one being none other than Richard Caudill who has really gotten my attention with his wonderful writings as I have said for the past few weeks or so. I am so enthralled that Ricky considers me a friend and shares his love of his mountain with me and so many others.

It is a good thing that I live so many miles away. This is one misplaced hillbilly he would have to run off with a shotgun filled with rock salt or maybe lead.

I just thought of something that might keep me away, I don’t like spiders and snakes, nor bears. However I do love cool misty mornings, glorious sunrise, the setting of an evening sun, and bonfires at night.

Michael Dunn, it is not often I have the pleasure of meeting a man just about my size. When we meet at Blackey Days I want to show my appreciation by sharing an ice-cold beverage with you.

Please tell your friends in Charlestown hello for me as they seem to enjoy my column so very much!

Why don’t you gals and guys come to Letcher County Day that I host every year? I would so much like to show you that I haven’t forgotten some good old mountain hospitality. Look for information at the end of this column.

Thanks for all the information concerning names of people in Blackey that I had almost forgotten about since you are such an authority on Blackey and surrounding areas. My niece Sue is looking forward to meeting you also. Just maybe we can find a quiet place to sit down and reminisce! I am really looking forward to meeting you!

Before I go to Blackey Days there’s a store I really want to check out as I hear a place called Adams sells Western boots. I decided if I can find my size, I would love to have a pair of pointed toe Western boots to wear with my jeans.

Michael and his wife along several others enjoyed a trip to Niagara Falls. I wish I could have been there as I’ve never been to Niagara Falls.

Betty Kelly really enjoyed her sisters visiting with her a couple of weeks ago, then this past week another sister came for a few days.

While Betty and her sisters were out gallivanting to yard sales, it seems they were in the Germantown area as a conversation started. It seems the man was from the mountains, his last name was Hatton. I don’t know if he was a nephew or cousin to none other than Oma Hatton.

Oma, he said to tell you hello. He also said that it had been 25 years since he had returned to the mountains. I think Betty said he had a little fix-it shop or something.

Betty and I haven’t gotten many more weeks of porch sitting to share conversations. It is always so enlightening to talk with her.

Sunday afternoon Vicki Power and I took a ride to Metamora, Ind. My van had been sitting for a while as the brakes needed attention. Thanks to my son Keith Ballard for fixing them. Keith washed the van and my car. I forgot how much I enjoy driving the van as I can sit up high and see things.

There’s a train that goes from Metamora to Connersville, Ind. The brakeman joined Vicki and me at our the picnic table. Of course, I had to ask questions. Vicki and I are planning on going back to Metamora in a week or so to take a ride.

As I sat there looking at the train, childhood memories began to surface of the passenger train that stopped in Roxana. Mommy took us to Blackey a few times.

Last night there was a beautiful moon. It was so bright you could have walked or driven for miles and never needed a light. Since I have been having trouble sleeping, in intervals I watched the moon as it rotated from the back of my house to the side. At about three a.m. it was directly in front of my living room. Finally I grabbed a cover and sat on the porch swing to enjoy this magnificent moon. I wanted to feel it, not just look at the moon, to hear the last of the night sounds or early morning sounds of nature.

I really had to fight temptation as there was someone I would have liked to call and say, “Wake up, watch this moon with me.” It is rather ironic to me as the same moon is seen all over no matter where you are!

I’ve neglected to write something. My heart breaks for Jeff and little Jack Adams as Jeff lost a brother recently. Jeff and Jack I think of you so often and miss Beverly. It seems for the past year I am bogged down and have no control over my life.

Les and Pat Wagner are trying to rest up after they spent a few days in the mountains with family.

This family really gives full definition what family means. I really enjoy hearing Pat talk as you can feel the love.

James and John Ison, you two are so lucky, and they are lucky to have you

Hello to Larry and Becky Hasty, Polly and Kelly.

Larry Hasty had hip surgery once again; he is improving, however Larry will still have to get more surgery.

Please keep Larry and the family in your prayers.

Old Time Fiddlers, Sept. 14,Whitewater Community Center, 6125 Dry Fork Rd., Cleves, Ohio 45002, 1-4:30 p.m., all acoustic. Refreshments furnished by the club. Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope to see you two this Sunday.

Please mark your calendar, Letcher County Day, Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030, Sept. 27, 12-? Please bring covered dish and a beverage. Everyone welcome, you don’t have to be from Letcher County. For information, 513-367-4682 or cell 513- 526-8512, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

Hello to my sisters-inlaw Wanda Hall, and Mattie Hall.

It is so hard to believe my brother Richie has been gone two years. It seems like it was only yesterday I was hearing the phone ring, and that ornery brother saying, “If I can’t sleep, you damn sure aren’t going to.”

Oh what changes time can make.

Richard Caudill, please be careful on your adventures.

I have watched night turn into day so I guess I had better get this on its way.

Until next time.

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