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Looking forward to Thanksgiving

HATTON FAMILY — Pictured in 1962 are members of the Hatton family, Juanita, Sharon, Joyce, Billy Lee and Jimmy D. (Photo by Elzie Ray Hatton)

HATTON FAMILY — Pictured in 1962 are members of the Hatton family, Juanita, Sharon, Joyce, Billy Lee and Jimmy D. (Photo by Elzie Ray Hatton)

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

This weather has been great! I’ve enjoyed working outside and I’ve needed to do it for a while. I hope it lasts a little longer.

I sure won’t have much to write about. I hope to have it in on Friday and today is Wednesday. I sure want to tell them good new, but it is not always good.

Our longtime friend Pearl (Pennington) Noble died yesterday. I’ve known her and her husband Charles Noble about all their lives. My sympathy goes out to her sisters Dorthy Tacket and Linda Hall and to all the family. I think her funeral will be Friday. She has some relatives who also died yesterday, so that family needs everyone’s prayer.

My son Rob will be coming to visit me this weekend and I’ll sure be glad to see him. He doesn’t get to come often. It’s a long trip and he visits his son and his daughter and their children as much as he can in Lexington. It’s good both of them live there.

I enjoyed Larry Kevin “LKD” Day coming to see me the other day. I love seeing that big smile he always has, and it always makes everyone else smile. We need more people like him.

I am so glad my granddaughter Angie Hatton won her election for State Representative and also Renee Campbell for coroner. I love her for being so good to her mother, Hazel Hart, who is a relative of mine also. I’m glad Mr. Craft won also; everyone likes him. I knew he would win. Everyone speaks well of him and his family.


I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and then my great-grandson Beau Hatton and Lauren Bird’s wedding in Bowling Green, where they first met. I think it will be a big wedding and I’m looking forward to going. I think all my sons will be there and I think I will go home with my son Astor in Georgetown for a couple of days. I love visiting him and his wife Rosemary, and Astor is a great cook. Didn’t get it from me! He is retired and Rosemary works at Wendy’s and is the manager there and a lot of other places. She loves what she’s dong and it’s real close t her home. Astor “Red” takes care of their cat Stripie, and they love him and I do too.

I got a call today from a nice lady, Paula Caudill, who is in Letcher Manor. She’s been there four years and her husband is there too. She called to ask me about some people and I knew them, but didn’t know where they were. I enjoyed talking with her. She said she reads The Eagle and she said she was in her 90s.

I talked with Linda Hall this morning. She had her brother and his family. They were in for their sister Pearl Noble’s funeral. They don’t get to come visit much. They live too far away.

My brother-in-law Burtis Tyree is having some health problems. I hope he gets better quick. He doesn’t like being pinned up. He likes to be up and going and don’t we all! I’m sure my sister Betty will take good care of him.

Glendora Eldridge, I’ve not forgotten you. I think of you often and intend to write you and I forget to. You take care of yourself and don’t work too hard.

With all this pretty weather, we work outside, but the weather is supposed to change.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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