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Looking forward to UK basketball season


I thank God for another blessed week. It has been a busy time, but enjoyable.

The Kentucky Wildcats are awesome and I look forward to another basketball season. What about the football Wildcats? My grandson Jason Holbrook and his wife Tina sure enjoyed the win over South Carolina.

My granddaughter Amanda Holbrook had a very nice trip to Canada. She got to spend one day at Niagara Falls. She went to Montreal to an occupational therapy conference with a group of her classmates at Eastern Kentucky University.

My sister Linda had an MRI last Thursday and we were to go back Tuesday (yesterday) for a conference with her doctor. We were praying for good news.

Our sister Anita came in and stayed a few days with us. She also visited with other family members. She is such a blessing to all of her family.

Brandon Jent, a son of Regina Quillen, was home from UK for the weekend, and his family was so happy to have him home.

Jack and Krystal Quillen went deer hunting in Morgan County last weekend. I don’t know how successful their trip was, but I know they had a good time. Jessie enjoyed the time with his papaw, Jonas Caudill, and his mammaw, Maxine Quillen. He and Maxine went to the Art Walk in Whitesburg.

Imogene Sexton, Kathy Palumbo, Maxine Quillen and many others enjoyed Blackey Days.

Members of the local chapter of the Red Hat Society walked in the Art Walk in honor of women having the right to vote, and had a great time. These girls always find something fun to do. Marsha Banks, Ann Reynolds, Jean Cook, Mary Gilliam, Irene Smith, Lois Short, Freda McFall and Vernell Mullins were the “walkers.”

The sculpture by artist Doug Adams, located in front of the old Whitesburg Post Office, was dedicated during this time, and it is so interesting. I told Dr. Narramore that I love it.

Mitchell Wright has had his cataract surgery and is good to go. It sure makes a big diff erence.

I heard that Steve Brewer had been bear hunting again. I hope he stayed out of the tree this time and had some paper goods.

Birthday wishes for the following this week: Tommy Stansberry, Winford Sturgill, Brenda Richardson, Georgia Holbrook, Sharon Thornsberry, Sean D. Baker, Travis Pettibone, Lena Parsons, Jennifer Akemon, Chad Bates, Debbie Collier and Carlos Eugene Slone. May you have many more!

Maxine Quillen visited with some veterans at the Hazard Center this week. They always enjoy seeing a friendly face.

Our prayers for these folks this week: Arthur Sergent, Lloyd Gibson, Desta Nierkirk, Beatrice Banks, Alene Cook, Lucky Dennis Sturgill, Buell Craft and Willie Perry. May God lift each of you, and we love you all.

Paul Adams of Daniels Branch had open-heart surgery at the University of Kentucky, and he is in our thoughts and prayers. He is the son of Jack and Jeanette Adams.

Our seniors at Colson have been kind of quiet lately. They did have a good turnout on Friday for a potluck dinner. The nurses were there on Thursday.

The Historical Society had their meeting last week and had a big group attending. Dr. Narramore came with a lot of information about the tourism happenings.


ey will be working with

the Society to place a statue in honor of Captain Martin Van Buren Bates, the “Letcher County Giant.” Members of the Ben Caudill camp will be helping.

You know, if we all would just donate a little we could get this done in a short time. Remember, your donation is tax deductable. Later we will list the donations. We so appreciate every one who donates. I am so excited to see this happening in our county.

Our deepest sympathy to the families of Junior Sergent, Pauline Barnett, Helen Potter and Verna Niece and all others who lost loved ones recently.

Visiting with Clester and I this weekend were Ron, Darlene and Travis Pettibone from Frankfort. They also visited with her sister, Alpha Sexton, at Beaver Dam. Alpha misses Marvin so much. We love you Alpha.

Coolie and Janice have been to the Smokies and they enjoyed it. It was a beautiful weekend to go.

I talked to Otho and Pat Holcomb, Charlotte Jones, Christine Fields, Charles Isaacs and others this week.

Oh I love to talk, and you all know that. I’ve been called to jury duty, so I’ll probably see a lot of folks this week.

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