Whitesburg KY

Looks like spring is on its way

Happy spring everyone!

How is everything in your little corner of the world? I hope you are able to get out and about. Although it is not officially spring, it is beginning to feel a little warmer although that can change in a second as the temperature changes so fast.

The maple tree in front of my house has buds on it. I will be so glad when the warm temperatures get here to stay. I have seen the time that Mom would have her garden plowed and peas planted as she would try to get them planted on Feb. 14. I wish I were able to raise a garden or at least plant some peas, lettuce and onions.

I tried sowing lettuce in a flowerpot last year, but it was too thick and didn’t do any good. I may try it again this year, even stick a few onions in the flowerbed.

Ricky Caudill planted sugar peas last year, and each time he talked about giving them away my mouth watered for a mess. The same with mustard greens.

My heartfelt sympathy still lingers with Richard and Marcia Caudill and family in the loss of their sister, Margaret Caudill. The family brought Margaret back to rest in the family cemetery on Johnson Fork.

I feel for anyone who loses a sibling. For some reason this time it brought so many heartaches, as I seem to relive losing each of my siblings.

This family was very lucky as they were able to go spend time with Margaret in the last days of her life. I tried to all I could for each of my brothers and for my sister Loretta.

The same with my dad and mom. I can go to sleep each night knowing I never mistreated any of them. I was way too bossy, not that it ever did much good.

March 4, Mom would have been 97 years old. It is strange to even think of Mom being that old. As I was going through some old pictures, I found a picture of Mom taken at the cemetery beside Dad’s grave. Mom had her pants legs rolled up like shorts.

Southern Ohio

I would tease her and say, “Mom, I never saw you in shorts.” She laughed and said, “Hush Rosella, it was hot, and I didn’t have shorts on.”

When I would take her to the Coots Cemetery on Big Branch, Mom would say she wouldn’t be afraid to stay there all night. I would tell her she could stay there by herself, as I wouldn’t.

One time I drove to the cemetery by myself, notice I said one time, as I will never do that again.

March 13, Dad would be 91 years old.

My daughter Anna Nottingham delivered Girl Scout cookies for me to take to someone. She went home with some of her school pictures to show the kids. It was so nice to sit with Anna while she went through the pictures.

Kyle is getting so big. Kyle will be in kindergarten next school term. It will be all day instead of half a day. Kyle said when he has to take a test it will be all day. You never know what a child will say.

My sidekick Bennie is having trouble sitting still and concentrating in school. I still think he needs to spend more time outside and not being cooped up in that apartment.

I will be glad when and if I ever get to feeling better so I can spend some time with him. I want to take Kyle and Bennie to the park. My granddaughters are getting too big to spend too much time with me.

Saturday, I spent a little time with my oldest daughter, and I also got to see my grandson and two of my granddaughters and two great-grandkids.

My great-granddaughter Samantha is so much taller than me. Now quit laughing. This is the first time we have all been together in quite some time and it was great.

My granddaughter Jodi loves teaching second grade. I think she spends most of her check on the class. Teachers have to buy lots of the supplies they use in classrooms.

I finally spent some time with Doyle and Betty Ison. I hope how fast they are perking a little better than they are.

With me being so sick for so long, I didn’t realize that Doyle’s brother Linville Ison had died. I feel so bad not knowing.

Belated happy birthday to Bill Kelly on March 6. I can tease Bill, as he is a little older than me — that is until May, and then I catch up with him again.

Betty Kelly’s sister Corrine is very sick. She has been in the hospital in Indianapolis for some time. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Several of Betty’s sisters from the mountains came to spend the night with her, and they all got together to go on to see Corrine. Again, I feel the pain for this family.

Betty’s son Barry Brown spends a lot of time with Betty and Bill, and they have family nights of games and plenty of good food. To me this is so special as so many families don’t do this anymore.

I need to check on Johnny and Ann Calihan to make sure they are all right.

Belated happy birthday to Ann Calihan’s brother, Bill Ison, the last of February. I think Ann and Bill’s brother Hubert Caudill might have surprised Bill with a visit.

Hayward Day, I hope you and Kim are doing all right.

Les and Pat Wagner did take a fast trip to the mountains. I keep forgetting to have them to bring me back a slug of that good old mountain dew to see if it will put some pep in my step.

Tony Hale and Black Water Band played again at Haddix Hall, which is in the same place as Hunter’s Pizzeria,. I didn’t feel up to going. The band sure is drawing a huge crowd.

I need to get back out, no matter how bad I feel.

I watch RFD on television Sunday night and I watched an old Marty Stuart show. He had Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys. Ralph played Rocky Island. Oh, I wanted to get up and dance in my living room so bad, but it would be my luck to fall in the floor.

I am so glad I had several years to enjoy going where I wanted to and enjoyed the bluegrass festivals.

Oma Hatton, I really enjoy your column. I will be glad when spring gets here so you don’t have to worry about the snow. Sometimes when you write about your neighbors, I know them. I was friends with the Halcomb girls, Shirley, Sarah and Dorothy. Shirley and I were close for some time when I lived with my Grandma Rosa Hall in Caudilltown.

Once again this column is short and not very interesting. Until next time.

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