Whitesburg KY

Looks more like spring than winter


Our weather is still nice for this time of year, not much snow or rain so far. This weather is something else. Looks more like spring than winter.

Several attended church at Little Cowan and we missed those who were absent. We are pretty excited about having the Association this year as I have mentioned before.

The presidential debate is about all you can hear on TV. We just hope the best one wins. It is a big responsibility and something to consider. Many things we don’t understand. I have seen a lot of changes over the years.

I haven’t heard of much colds and flu over here. I have stayed in more than I ever have. I think many others have also.

We missed several at church that come from the Cumberland area and we also miss our loved ones and friends who aren’t with us anymore. Many of our people are gone and they won’t be coming back, but they will live on in our hearts.

Getting together for Christmas at the home of Linda and Don Lucas were Scott Ramage, Colleen, Liz, Josh and Autumn; Beth, Keith, Katie and Kensie Callahan; Carol and J.T. Caudill; Jill Kent; John Banks; Lori, Callie, and Ella Akers; Bryan, Tammie, Jason and Benjamin Banks.

Amanda and Tyler Galer and Kyle came in for Christmas. Amanda and Kyle stayed a few days. Pam, Sue, Nicole, and Haley took them back and enjoyed some after-Christmas shopping.

Marilyn Banks and Linda Lucas have been visiting with Carol and J.T. Caudill. Carol’s granddaughter, Becca, also spent the night.

Our season is going by fast and pretty soon it will be spring and the flowers will bloom again.

Best wishes to Mrs. Georgia Phillips, who has been having some tests at Whitesburg Hospital. Hope she gets a good report. Also, best wishes to all the sick and shut-ins.

I don’t have much news this week. Not many are going or coming during our winter season.

Love and best wishes to all.

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