Whitesburg KY

Lorene Halcomb is home

My sympathy to the family of William Edward Walters of Orchard Branch. He died Sept. 21. My heart goes out to his mother, Virgie Walters of Blackey, and all his family.

Lorene Halcomb of Carcassonne was admitted to Whitesburg Hospital a couple of weeks ago. She was having breathing problems and problems with her heart, but she is home now and doing better. I saw her and her daughter Brenda and she said they wanted her to go to Tennessee for some rehab, but she wasn’t going.

Happy birthday to my Uncle Dorse of Elk Creek. It was on Sept. 15.

Joni Dixon of Elk Creek has been in Holston Valley Hospital. She has MS and was having trouble walking. She is going through rehab over there. I wish her the best.

Happy birthday to Lyn Bates of Elk Creek; it was on the 21st. Alice Adams of Crases Branch had one the 21st, Doreen Calhoun’s is the 24th, B.J. Adams of Letcher has one the 25th, Ernest Bradley of Letcher has one the 27th, and Brittany Blair of Dry Fork has one the 28th.

Don’t forget Blackey Day is Saturday, Oct. 16. There will craft booths, lots of good food and good company, so bring a chair if you want and come have some fun.

Happy birthday to Cameron Hayes of Elk Creek, he was 2 on Sept. 23rd. His brother Hunter was 5 on the 27th. They are the children of Jeremy and Nadean Hayes and Jeremy had a birthday on the 25th. They had a party at the Linefork Community Center for all of them on Saturday.

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