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Mostly clear

Loretta, Conway together again

I hope you have had a good week. We sure have.

Tuesday was just the usual lunch doing the same old thing, but later in the week things got fun.

I would like to welcome Harold Day to the center. He is one sweet and nice guy. We love having him around.

Happy ?? birthday to Faye Herron. I hope she has a hundred more.

Thursday, we had a March Madness cookout. Four centers were there, Jenkins, Boone Fork, Ermine and us. We had it at Hemphill Center. There was a talk about the Miners Memorial.

Jim Ward came by and Fred Young and Rob Fleming sang a song to Jim Ward. They sang ‘Booger on His Lip’ to the tune of ‘Big Iron on His Hip.’ It was funny.

We all dressed in Kentucky Blue and each center had a prize for their center. I won our prize, a picnic cooler with bowls, cups and barbeque tools.

We have been teasing Harold Day about getting a girlfriend. Genita (Loretta Lynn) has volunteered, so you could say we’ve got Loretta and Conway (Harold) back together again. He gave her a ring Thursday, a genuine 18-carat silver gum wrapper ring. It was beautiful.

Those from our center who attended the March Madness were Sue Williams, Margie Sturgill, Faye Herron, Judy Eldridge, Genita Callihan, Colleen Cornett, Loreen Hampton, Harold Day, me, and of course Cathy Ingram drove us.

After eating we went to the Venders Mall in Neon, the Dollar Store at Mayking and the Mt. Vendors Mall. I found a metal hen and rooster to put in my flower garden. All in all it was a great day.

I want to say thank you for all the nice comments made about my column. I never planned on being a writer, and I am sure it isn’t the best writing every printed, but I am sure having a great time doing it.

Until next week, listen to your own heart — the heart is always right.

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