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Loss of friend makes sad weekend

Northeast Ohio

Howdy everyone, hope you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend.

Red and I spent a nice, quiet day at home, no visitors, and as I can remember, no phone calls. Not even a watermelon or hot dogs.

Tuesday, we both had doctor appointments. No really good news there but also no alarming news. Guess one could say we are getting by.

Catharine and a girlfriend took a mini vacation to Nashville, Tenn. Called me after 11 p.m., they had just gotten in and she sounded so tired. I’ll probably hear about it later.

Red has been really sick today. We needed to go to drugstore and had a few more errands to run and I had to end up doing it myself. Don’t really mind as long as I feel up to driving and weather cooperates.

It’s going to be a sad weekend for us. Saturday, we will say farewell to a longtime and dear friend. Elmer Edwards, 81, of Amherst, died Tuesday, Sept. 4, while a patient at Cleveland Clinic. He has now left this troublesome world with all its pain, heartaches and sorrows. Going to a much better place to join his wife, Faye who is waiting to welcome him home.

Faye died in April, after 62 years of marriage. Also waiting to greet him are his parents, brothers Buford and Hansel and a sister, Lois Mullins.

Left behind are two daughters, Cathy Duncan, Lorain, and Deborah Nagy, Amherst; two grandchildren, Michael Duncan, Amherst, and Kimberly Duncan, Lorain; a brother, Danny and sister, Dixie, both of Virginia.

He will also be missed by many friends and neighbors and especially his church family at Little Edna Old Regular Baptist Church in Lorain where he was a preacher. Red and I really loved hearing him sing, especially ‘Beulah Land.’

His funeral will be Satur- day morning at 9:30 a.m. We do plan on going if both are well enough to do so.

Just got a call from dear friend Gaynell (Joyce) Adkins, Columbus, Ind. Said she, her husband Doug, and daughter Regina would be leaving early Friday morning for Letcher County to attend the Rose family reunion. I’m sure there will be a goodly crowd with lots of food, fun and singing. That Gaynell is one fine singer.

Said Doug wasn’t feeling too well right now. My prayer is for him to feel well enough to enjoy the festivities, a safe trip and a most enjoyable time.

Richard, Georgia, Rick and Brandon, Billy and Debbie and Ben will be leaving on their way to Letcher County also. They will be attending Neon Days on Saturday, joining Ronald Buford and Johnell who are there already. This trip is one that Rick has been trying to plan for some time. His children haven’t been there since they were very small. Don’t think Joyce or any of the girls will be going this trip, maybe later.

Have gotten several phone calls this week but can’t remember all of them. Gonna have to start keeping notes or some smart pills.

I do talk to Jeanie often and Red talks with Charles.

Lena called, was back from meeting with her sisters. I’m sure they enjoyed being together.

Also got a call from Carlita, she had fallen and was hurting. Must be kin to Red and me. Sure hope you are feeling better, girl.

I did get a call from Delores. My heart goes out to her as I went through the same sort of situation when Red had a quadruple by-pass and a bleeding ulcer.

At one hospital stay I got to the point when I did not know what day it was and lost track of time. One day, guess I woke up and wondered when everything had suddenly changed, grass was so green and the whole world looked beautiful.

I sort of look for Richard and Georgia to stop by, so I had better finish this posthaste.

I haven’t talked to Bill and Redia today, but they did go to Columbus Labor Day and met with some of her family.

Wishing all a blessed week, lots of sunshine and a happy heart. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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