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Lots going on in Letcher County

Beverly Smith Dawahare makes her own smoothie at the Farmer’s Market

Beverly Smith Dawahare makes her own smoothie at the Farmer’s Market

There are so many wonderful events taking place in Whitesburg this summer. I saw a post on Facebook listing everything that goes on in Letcher County during the summer months and it was unbelievable.

I also didn’t write down where I found this post and so can’t remember them all to post this week. Speaking of which, last week I was going to post a saying I saw on Facebook. I even had it written down on all my other memos to write about and still forgot to put it in.

It went something like this, “I’ve learned two very important things in my life. The first one I can’t remember, but the second one is to write everything down.”

One event I did find listed, though, was the Pine Mountain Cruise-In and Concert going on Saturday, June 29, at the Pine Mountain Worship Center located at the beginning of the Little Shepherd Trail.

This is free to the public and will run from 1 to 5 p.m. There will also be food vendors and a playground for the children. They ask you bring your own chairs.

Pictured is Kenneth Dwight Holbrook, son-in-law of Dorothy Tacket.

Pictured is Kenneth Dwight Holbrook, son-in-law of Dorothy Tacket.

If you have any questions, you can call my first cousin, James Pennington, at 606-634-7800. This event I remember because I utilize it more than the other things that were listed.

The Letcher County Farmer’s Market is going on again this year, but this year it is Thursday evening instead of Wednesday. This lets the people attend the market and then stay for the Levitt Amp Music Series.

Saturday time is still the same as before, it begins at 9 a.m. They not only have fresh produce, they also have baked goods and craft items.

There’s also a food booth where the kids under 18 eat free and adults are charged a minimal fee. As members of the Letcher County Senior Citizen program, we also get vouchers to spend at the market.

Last year I didn’t have to pay anything for all the vegetables and fruit I bought there. One of the things we don’t raise in our garden is corn, so I bought all kinds and fried it and put it in the freezer, like Mom taught me to do. We’ve still got some left. Now, that’s what you call a bargain for sure.

The Senior Citizens went to the Letcher County Extension Center last Wednesday. They enjoyed all kinds of events there. The hogcalling contest was said to be the most fun and the funniest. The winner was Rose Hammonds.

They didn’t have the Prom King and Queen contest as they have in the past. But, they did enjoy taking lots of pictures with the Letcher County Judge/Executive, Terry Adams, and our wonderful State Representative, Angie Hatton.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to the Letcher Elementary School Girl Scout Troop. They collected more than a thousand items for the Letcher County Senior Citizens Pantry Program.

This has been a blessing to so many seniors in our county that don’t have enough food or can’t get out to get their own food.

Some of our members that are really in need of prayer are Doug Wright, Imogene Sexton, Sarah Hall, and Vernetta Roark. Vernetta had open-heart surgery and was finally able to come back to the center this past Monday. She still wants everyone to continue praying for her though. Her sister, Iona Noble, has been taking care of her since she came home from her surgery.

Since Sunday was Father’s Day, I thought I would tell you all another funny from my memories of my daddy, Marshel Tacket. Once when Mom was in the hospital because she had fallen and broke her hip, my sister Delores was staying with Daddy to cook and clean for him.

Well, she was asleep and all at once he was standing over her in the bed. He said, “Hey, Delores.” She said, “What Daddy?”

He said, “There’s a ladybug in my ear!” She asked, “How do you know it’s a ladybug?” He stuck his finger up to her nose and said, “Just smell my finger.”

I wish you all could hear my sister Delores telling all these tales herself. She’s just like Daddy and his sister Esther Tackett Wagner when it comes to telling stories.

Okay, one person I really want to tell about having a birthday is one of my brothers-in-law, Kenneth Dwight Holbrook. He is a cowboy out of place and time for sure.

He should have been living back when they had cattle drives and gunslingers and such. I think this picture of him is with the cow he named Charlene, after my sister. Oh, no wait, that was a goat he named Charlene.

Please remember the people who have lost loved ones. One of our dear sisters at Letcher Independent Baptist Church passed away this past Saturday and her funeral will be Wednesday, Martha Taylor.

I have known her for many years even before we were church sisters. She was one of our prayer warriors. We will miss her so much.

Her husband, Jack Taylor, can sure use your prayers for peace and comfort. Also, her children and grandchildren. And again, I’m asking for you to remember our pastor, Bill Jones, and his whole family.

As Oma would want us to also remind you, I ask you to be in church Sunday morning and if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God wants you there then, too.

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