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Louise Dixon marks 82nd birthday in hospital


My sympathy to the family of Caster “Tooter” Holliman of Jabez, formerly of Blackey. He died from injuries from a car accident on Feb. 4. His sister, Dorothy Holliman, was in Letcher County and called me. He had also had triple bypass surgery about a year before his death. Caster was 53.

Louise Dixon of Elk Creek, fell and broke her hip. She had to be taken to a hospital in Bristol, Tenn., and had surgery. They put pins and rods in her leg and she also fractured her wrist and had to have a splint put on that. She is now doing physical therapy. Also, happy birthday to her she turned 82 on March 12 while in the hospital. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

There was a baby shower held on March 8 for Pam Whitaker and Josh Maggard of Carcassonne. She is due this month and it’s a boy.

Herbert Eldridge of Linefork, recently had a kidney transplant in Lexington but his body rejected it and he had to be put on life support. Herbert is the son of Earsie Eldridge and the late Raymond Eldridge and is the nephew of Nannie Mae Rodgers of Blackey.

Lauren Leeann Adams of Jeremiah, had to go to the doctor. She had strep throat I hope she feels better soon. She is the daughter of Leslie Gibson and Dustin Adams. My great-niece, Miss Em, also ended up with strep throat. It must be going around. She is the daughter of B.J. and Shanna Fugate.

I talked to Lynn Wright of Whitesburg. She said her mom, Lorene Halcomb, is having a lot of problems with breathing. Her dad, Tom, is doing some better. He has the same problem. They live over here on Carcassonne.

Misty Henrikson of Carcassonne, broke her wrist and had to have a cast put on it Friday. Her fingers had even turned blue; it must have been a bad break.

My son, Justin, and two of his friends, Ethan Brown and Travis Sturgill, went to Lexington on Saturday. They went to check out Spencerian College where they may be going this fall. They also went to the malls and came home that night.

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