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Happy new year everyone .

There are two pine trees that I love looking at during the winter. It gives me pleasure just to glance their way, as they seem to be saying, “Hey I am still here.” In the summer they sort of blend in with the greenery of other trees.

Yes it is finally feels like winter in this area, as the weather has turned cold, and I mean cold.

This has been one of the most difficult holidays for me since the time our mother passed away. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t find myself thinking of my brother Richie Hall, as I believe he loved holidays more than anyone I have ever known.

Richie enjoyed giving things to his family, making sure that all the kids had something. He never really wanted for himself, though sometimes he would say something about needing a pair of house shoes.

On Saturday night, I went to the OKI Christmas party at Huber Heights, which is on the outskirts of Dayton. Norma Ashcraft is the president of this club and does a great job.

I really enjoy going to anything that is connected with bluegrass music in the Dayton and Fairborn areas. There was a nice crowd and it was really good to be with friends again.

Two of my friends were recently married, John Cummings and Rebecca Tipton. They may be husband and wife, but I still get to hug John. I have known Becky through music for several years. She is my dancing partner.

I received a very special Christmas present when someone linked a site about genealogy to my computer so that I can check information about my grandparents. It is like giving a kid a new toy. As I scrolled through the names on the list of grandma Rosa Hall’s side of the family, I saw the name Harlan Hollins. I remember Uncle Harlan from Roxana when he would walk from Big Branch to the store in Roxana. His daughter Leona was married to Johnny Gibson, who lived in Green Briar “holler.”

I haven’t talked to Gwen Huff Farmer this week so I don’t know how her sister is doing.

Shirley Wells and I talked for just a little bit. All is well Shirley’s way, except she found out a very special friend is ill.

Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful Christmas cards. Glenora Eldridge and Kenneth are in my thoughts. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness.

My musician friend Marvin Davis lost his dad this past week. Marvin’s dad was almost 87 years old, but that doesn’t mean you are ever ready to let someone go.

I went to visit my daughter Anna to take money for the kids for Christmas, as I never know what to get them. Anna took me to see some Christmas lights in the area. We stopped at one place in particular that was exceptionally beautiful, as the lights were synchronized with music from a radio station.

The was a little donation box attached to the tree to collect money for two little girls who lost their mother this summer.

Michelle Lockabee was Anna’s close friend, and she was taken from two small girls and a husband who loved her dearly.

After some time they did get catch the monster that killed her, but it won’t bring back this mother to her children.

Well before I get on a pedestal, I am going to say I hope you had the merriest Christmas ever.

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