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Partly sunny

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Hello again! Gosh we are into April already! Where is the time going? It seems like no time since we had Christmas, then New Year’s, and Easter came so early. Before we know it this year will be just like everything else, just a memory!

Finally the daffodils, which I have always called Easter lilies, are in bloom. It seems they aren’t as plentiful as they usually are. I am just glad they are showing their beauty. It seems the grass has come up overnight and it is so beautiful. There are a few pink trees blooming and I saw a couple of white ones just starting to come out.

My yard is a mess. When I walk across it, seems as if I am walking on sponge the ground is so waterlogged. As much weight as I have gained I might be stuck out in it. Maybe I will strike a pose and passersby will think I am a yard ornament!

My son, Keith Ballard, and I went to Frisch’s to celebrate his birthday March 29, then we shopping at K-Mart and several other places.

I tried to get him to go with me to a place called The Red Barn on Decoursey Pike in Ryland Heights, Ky. I should have taken exit 16 instead of 17. I found my way there eventually and had a good time. The Red Barn has one of best dance floors I have ever been on.

They play country music and sometimes a little bluegrass music is mixed in. Bluegrass is my first love of music, although I like most of all music. Alan Burton sat in with a band there; it is always good to hear Alan sing and play, no matter what musical instrument he plays.

A special thanks to Bobby Joe Pass of “Bobby Joe’s Jubilee” on bounceradio.net for sending me the song called “Too Old for a Broken Heart”. This is on a fivebox CD set of Flatt and Scruggs.

Now if I can locate a CD called “No Coal in Harlan” by NUCut Road. Clarence Kelly is the lead singer on this CD. Clarence also wrote most of the songs; he is a great soulful singer. I had the pleasure of meeting Clarence Kelly several years ago. He has played with several famous bluegrass artists. If anyone has a copy of this CD, please share it with me as this is out of print.

Clarence Kelly and his group will be performing at Olde Star Theater in Williamstown, Ky., April 19. I would like to see Angie Hall have this group at Appalshop sometime.

Keep Willard Hall and the Hall family in your prayers as Willard has breast cancer. This is something that is not heard of too much in a man, but it does happen. We never know what is going to strike any one of us as we go about our daily life.

Tony Burke, along with his wife, Sondra, and Jim Webb did the “Bluegrass Express” show Thursday evening. WMMT is in its fund drive. This station is all done by volunteers. I really enjoy listening to this station. If I could afford it, I would give to each one individually. Heart says do, pocketbook says can’t do!

I don’t drink, nor smoke, however I am addicted to music. I need it like you need the air you breathe. I have to laugh when I think of Mommy (Ora Hall) and her sister, Nora, along with other who walked those hollows and across Big Branch to Nora and Lloyd Calihan’s to go to a square dance. I believe it was handed down to me. My little grandson, Bennie, loves music too, along with several of my grandchildren.

Each of my daughters love singing. My oldest daughter, Kay Gray, has a very beautiful voice. She is sort of bashful. Now if I could convert them to bluegrass!

I talked to Ann Calihan, Johnny has been able to get out in the garden and has planted peas, lettuce and onions. I bet a huge rabbit will be in the garden as quick as the lettuce and onions start to pop up. A rabbit named Rose! Yep, I’m begging again.

The Calihans have finally whipped the flu bug that had them in their grip for quite some time. Their granddaughter, Ashley, has been involved in a program helping to build a house for someone. While they were working someone in Kentucky on this project, a bluegrass group called Phillip Akemon and Flatlick performed for them. Ashley’s friend was really impressed; this was the first time he had listened to bluegrass music.

He was so impressed by the group he wanted his grandmother to hear them. When he played the CD for her, she wanted to know what the thunderation was that music? That made Ann and me laugh! Johnny had to grab hold of Ann to keep her from wearing the rug out, as she wanted to dance to the music. I think Johnny even brought his daddy’s old banjo out of storage. Gee, I missed out on all the fun.

I bet Ann would sing her rooster song for Ashley’s friend, should he ask.

Gwen Huff Farmer is holed up to stay out of this weather again as everyone is getting more rain than we need. She is anxiously waiting to get in her garden.

The weather has been bad through Tennessee so my friend Shirley Wells hasn’t been on the computer very much.

Belated happy birthday to Shirley’s daughter, Alice, March 29. She celebrated with a small party at her house. Shirley doesn’t like to drive after dark very much so she doesn’t get too far anymore.

I had a phone call from a woman from (Hot Spot) Premium. Alberta used to be a Stamper. It was nice hearing from her. I didn’t live at home with Mommy and Daddy very much when they lived at Hot Spot. As I have said before, I was like the sea, I drifted here, there and everywhere!

My brother, Jerry Hall, called to tell me Fred Ison had died. I never knew Fred although he and the Isons are related to us some way. I do remember Lawrence and Eula Ison and their family. I also remember Judy and Lil Ison and their family from Kingscreek. I hear from Sadie and Evaleen every so often.

My brother, Richie Hall, is doing a lot better since he had the stents put in his legs. I bet it won’t be long before he and Wanda head for Hamilton, Ohio, to visit their grandsons. Wanda works for Hospice and she stays so busy at home. I don’t know how she does it.

My brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, are doing OK at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

My sister, Loretta Church, was to have surgery Monday.

I haven’t heard anything from Clarence and Arylyn Halcomb in a few weeks. I bet he is going to be out digging in the ground as quick as it gets dry!

I talked to Annalee Jones, who lives at Milan, Ind., who sends a big shout out to Bruce and Levine Jones.

Betty and Doyle Ison are doing alright. Happy birthday to Betty April 8. I hope I don’t forget to get her card in the mail.

Hello to my special young man, Devon Cornett. I hope I will be able to meet you before too long.

I finally got some results back from some tests I had. The bone scan shows some bone density loss. It shows weakness in my left lower back and my legs. I have something called Osteopenia which can result in being full blown Osteoporosis. I did not know soft drinks can rob your bones of calcium. Guess there’s a reason for the pain I have been having in my legs. I have to take a strong dose of calcium, do some exercise and lose a few pounds.

I took Bennie for a mile hike on a walking trail. I didn’t think I was going to get through it, but I did. Bennie heard a dog bark and he mocked it. He really enjoyed the ride in his stroller. As I was changing his diaper, he tried to turn over, I said, “Wait!” Well he mocked me and said “wait” right back to me. I got so tickled, I could hardly fasten his diaper. Keith has a digital camera so I hope to get a picture to send to The Mountain Eagle.

Well folks that clock is once again giving me the evil eye, so I must be on my way. Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, (513) 367-4682, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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