Whitesburg KY

Loved ones remembered at memorials at cemeteries


The memorial for the cemeteries behind the Dixon Memorial Church was held recently. Quite a few gathered at the top of the hill for singing and prayer and to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones. From there we walked to the lower cemetery to do the same for those laid to rest there. Afterwards it was Dixon Memorial’s church time and all donations taken up that day went to the upkeep of the cemeteries. Earl Combs does the weed eating and mowing and does a good job. I’m sure he would appreciate donations from the families who have loved ones resting in the cemeteries.

A group of us with met at the Horse Mill Point Cemetery to watch as several members of American Legion Post 153 gathered to honor the fallen servicemen that are buried in the cemetery and to shoot over the graves. We really appreciate these men taking the time to do this on Memorial Day.

Freddy Fields does the upkeep at the Horse Mill Point Cemetery and he has the graveyard in good shape and had decorated a lot of the graves there. He had done a lot of work awhile back when his brother, Harold’s, ashes were brought back home for burial. With the price of gas, I think Freddy also would appreciate all donations.

A lot of family and friends were at the Burton Hill Cemetery when the men from the American Legion met to shoot over the graves. There were quite a few little children there, who picked up the shell casings after the shooting.

We hope Jason Adams continues to do OK after having his surgery. Rodney Ison has been having some problems with an earache. His son, Ronald, helped him bail hay last week.

I forgot to mention that Parlee Back came to the Smith reunion last week. Her nieces and nephews are part Smith and they were pleased to see her there.

There will be a five-family yard sale on June 5, 6 and 7 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at the home of Greg and Glenna Pridemore at Isom near the old Isom Auto Parts store.

Lonzo Caudill of Doty Creek, had his sons, Doug and Kim, visiting recently. We saw them having dinner together at Dairy Queen at Whitesburg.

Belated birthday wishes to our neighbor, Stella Elam, whose birthday was on May 30. She was taken out for dinner by her family and they went to Reno’s at Hazard.

We were sorry for the family of Elwood Bentley who came in for a family reunion and died while here from North Carolina.

It was also sad to learn that Betty Ison died. She was the widow of Delmus Ison. They were always good Between the Bridges neighbors. Our sympathy goes out to her children, Angie and Roger, and to all of her family. She will be missed by all who knew her. Betty’s funeral was held at the Isom Presbyterian Church.

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