Whitesburg KY

Lucky 7 racing results

Results of the Late Model feature at the Lucky 7 Racetrack were Joe King, first; Mark Sturgill, second; Greg Lucas, third; David Dixon, fourth; Tyler King, fifth; Jeremy Hall, sixth; Ricky Rose seventh; Oscar McCown, eighth; Brian Wagner, ninth; Luke Gayhart, 10th; and Jackie Fields, 11th.

In the Open Wheel race Brandon Mason was first, Josh Watts second, Oscar Profitt third; Josh Fields fourth, Clyde Fields fifth, and Michael Conley sixth.

In the Bomber ??$1,000-to-win Stormin? Norman Memorial Race?, first was Tim Mason, second Andy Mason, third Tony Sizemore, fourth Colby Bush, fifth Tyler Fields, and sixth Terry Richardson.

Roger Dale Burke finished first in the 4-Cylinder race, John Henson second, Shawn Owsley third, D.I. Henson fourth, Billy Sexton fifth, Scott Watts sixth, and Josh Wampler seventh.

In the 4-Cylinder Modifi eds, first was Pat Morris, second Josh Back, third James Hall, and fourth Shane Combs.

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