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Lucky Sexton grows amazing sunflowers

Hello, I haven’t forgotten everyone. I have spent time on a few things and with my family.

This past weekend Linda Sturgill and I traveled to Richmond to visit with my children and grands. Of course we also shopped! We stopped in Winchester on the way home and visited with Debbie Brock, Lettie Hall and family. Lettie is doing so much better but will have to stay off her foot for another few weeks.

Bruce Sturgill, Tony Sturgill, Brandon Sturgill and a friend of theirs went to Eldora, Oh., to the World 100. They sure do enjoy the car racing.

The Colson seniors want to thank Stacy and Marie from Faith Moves Mountains for the wonderful nutrition program they have been sharing with us. We have enjoyed the class and hope to use the helpful information. Please come back soon.

Lucky Sexton sure does have a green thumb. He grew sunflowers that were 13×13. Our seniors were amazed. Hopefully next year we can sow some of those seeds at our center.

Opaline Anderson grew some oriental beans that were 25 ½ inches long. We are saving seeds.

We have been a few places with the seniors: to the Amish store at Hindman, to Norton shopping. One place we ate was the Asian Cafe, and Nora Logan loved her first experience of Chinese dinner. Nora has been in the hospital and it’s so good to have her back at the center. Keep her in your prayers.

We sure miss Connie Cook at the center. She’s had knee surgery, and we wish her a speedy recovery so she can be with us. Also, Worlie Bates had knee surgery and we miss him, so hurry back.

Death has taken three more of our seniors, John Jent, his wife Rosetta Jent, and Stanley Hughes. Our prayers are with these families.

Opal Fouts has canned all summer and has loved every minute of it. She is getting ready for the Golden Arts next month.

Joann Hall has been sharing the beautiful flowers from her garden, and we really appreciate her. She has been to West Virginia to her family reunion. They had a luau and her sister, Judy Glover, donated all the decorations to our center, and we had our own luau Sept. 15. We had a great party.

Visiting the center were Eddie Meade, our Magistrate Terry Adams, Edd and Leanna Mullins, Ralpha and Buck Adams, and Carlos Fugate. The food was delicious and the fellowship was heartwarming. Thank you, Joann and Judy, for making it look so pretty.

Thank you so much to Linda Lou Sturgill for all the nice gifts you donate to the center. You do so much for the center and we are happy to call you friend.

I received a call from Dr. Billy Adams of Louisville this week, and appreciate his continued support and nice words for the Historical Society. He is sharing his family papers and they are so informative about many families and the communities of Letcher County. Thank you, my friend.

Visiting with Jay and Josie Slone of Colson were his sisters, Dixie Watkins of Cleveland, Oh., and Lettie Hall of Winchester, and his nephew Warren Baker of Clay City. They also visited with Duke and Linda Lou Lucas at Beaver Dam. It’s always nice to see family.

Dewey Baker and Jerry Gammon of Mitchell and Shoals, Ind., were in this weekend visiting with their Baker family. Dewey and Jerry are first cousins and the grandsons of Dewey and Alpha Diamond Baker. Dewey’s dad is Delbert and Jerry’s mom is Dana. These boys rode their Harleys and had a very nice ride. Colson

Maxine Quillen and some of her family were in Ohio this weekend for the Giant Festival. She is so dedicated to raising the money for the Martin Van Buren Bates statue and it is so nice to see someone so enthused with a very worthwhile project. I can imagine how our new museum and the grounds will look with the statue of the giant and many other statues on each side. The grounds will be beautiful. The giant may have died in Ohio but he was born and raised at Kona and one of our most famous people.

Our prayers go out to Sidney Willis Amburgey, Jimmy Ray Slone, Freda McFall, Landon Sexton, Willie Perry and all others who are sick and hurting.

Don’t forget to check on your neighbors, make sure they are safe.

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