Whitesburg KY

Madge Combs enjoys Thanksgiving with her family


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. I had a really good week. I enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with Clyde at the Veterans Center. They had a large crowd there, really good food. I enjoyed the trip down there with Opal Hogg and Alvania Shepherd.

Shirley Breeding spent a couple of days in the hospital. I’m glad she’s out and doing better.

Vickie (Hatton) Underwood, I was so sorry to hear of your mom, Vanessa (Hatton) Bowman, passing away. She was my neighbor at Marlowe.

I visited Letcher Manor Nursing Home on Thanksgiving Day. I saw Camille Combs, my neighbor, and enjoyed talking with her. Her room was decorated so pretty! I also visited with Madge Combs. She had Thanksgiving dinner with all her family at the home of her daughter, Jennifer Bentley, and really enjoyed it. I also visited Mandy King, Lovelle Sexton, Katherine “Nannie” Frazier and another Katherine — I can’t even remember her last name.

I hadn’t been hungry all day but when I left there I got really hungry and stopped off at my sister, Louise Shepherd’s, home and ate with them.

On Friday I finally got around to visiting my good friends, Sara and Clarence Ison. They were doing well and I sure enjoyed seeing them. I was in a visiting mood. I was afraid the weather would get bad and I couldn’t go.

Everyone I talked to had a good Thanksgiving.

My son, Rob, was in Lexington to spend Thanksgiving with all his family, Rocki and Matt Hill and Dr. Kevin Hatton and wife Adrienne and their sons, Will and Loren. I know they had a good time. Rob and Billy Hatton and I had a good dinner at Pine Mountain Grill the evening before. I enjoyed it all and felt like I had a good Thanksgiving. Rob tried to get me to go to Lexington and be with all of them. I would have loved going, but I can’t seem to be comfortable leaving home right now. I worry about Clyde.

I sure enjoyed talking to my little friend in Virgie. I feel like I know you better. I hope you can be at the Veterans Center for its Christmas on Dec. 17.

I went to Letcher Manor Nursing Home to visit Lucinda Roberts but couldn’t get her awake. She must not have had her hearing aid on. See you next time, Lucinda.

My son, Larry Hatton, and Kevin Day and lots of my family went to watch the football game on Friday night. They were all sorry the Cougars lost, but they have done really well all year and made a name for themselves. They should be proud. Not many teams have done that well. Coach Hillard Howard doesn’t like to lose, but he will always be a winner in our eyes. None of us Howards like to lose.

I loved all the articles written about Tom Gish. He will always be a legend. The Eagle screams louder all the time.

Hello, Emma, Rose, Gladys, Diana, and all the rest. I loved Jim Cornett’s article about Daddy’s boots. I remember my daddy’s boots and clothes covered with mud and sometimes ice.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week. I’m getting ready to go now. I look forward to it all week.

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