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‘Mag meter’ saving $$$ for water district

Letcher County Water and Sewer District workers have saved the district more than $12,000 in water purchase costs from the Knott County Water District by using a “mag meter,” a meter that can be applied to pipes and uses a magnetic field to measure flow, to locate and repair three large leaks. District Superintendent Mark Lewis told the Board of Directors that by locating and repairing the leaks, the cost of purchasing treated water from Knott County had been reduced by $12,000.

Lewis added that meters are being set in the Payne Gap Water Project area and that a few more road bores will be necessary to complete the project. The conversion of water meters to allow them to be read by radio is now complete as well, and workers driving by the meters will be able to data download the reading to a laptop computer. Lewis said the conversion will save the district a lot of time and money in man-hours by cutting out eight days of meter reading by hand. The equipment will also help in locating leaks and determining if meters have been tampered with.

Work will begin on several major water and sewer projects in Letcher County very soon. Plans are complete for sewer line extensions in Craft’s Colly and Dry Fork and bids have been opened and accepted for water line construction in Pine Creek, Pert Creek, and Cram Creek. At the July meeting of the district Board of Directors, representatives of Bell Engineering and Summit Engineering both reported on progress in their respective projects.

Derek Motsch of Summit Engineering told the board that plans for sewer extensions into Dry Fork and Craft’s Colly are complete and will utilize $400,000 that has already been allotted for the work. The Kentucky River Area Development District has completed the environmental assessment and Corps of Engineers’ paperwork will be complete soon. Motsch said Summit would begin working on easements the day following the meeting so the Corps can use the completed easements to help qualify for matching funds.

Jamie Noe of Bell Engineering told the board that Ronnie Mullins and Sons of Elkhorn City submitted the low bid of $1,085,875 for pipeline installation Phase II of the Pine, Pert, and Cram Creek Water Improvements project and Phoenix Fabricators of Sebree in western Kentucky, submitted the low bid for of $426,955 for the fabrication and installation of the Bull Hole tank. The vote to accept both bids was unanimous.

Both pipeline extensions and construction and installation of the ground storage tank should be compete for Phase III of the Deane Water Improvements Project within 30 days.

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