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Mostly clear

Maggards celebrate 38th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Another beautiful week that the Lord has given us. Lots of bushes are in bloom and are so pretty.

I have had a pretty good week. Not much going on, just really enjoying it. Spring fever I guess.

Late happy anniversary to Darlene and Allen Maggard. They were married 38 years on March 23, I think.

March 24, Darlene Maggard

Abshear and James’s grandson, Braxton, turned 2 years old. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Joann Fields has a birthday on April 1. Hope she and Leroy have a wonderful day.

Carol Ann Ison has a birthday on April 2. Bet Kendall and her family will make it fun for her. Happy birthday.

Hannah Boggs Day will celebrate her birthday on April 3. Have lots of fun.

Our son Chad Eric Fields will be 37 on April 5. We love you, son. Have a good day, and we will try to see you in May!

Judy and Astor Fields will be married 40 years on April 7. Love you guys. Have a good day.

My brother Archie Ray Fields has still not had his surgery. It will probably be the end of April. They have to make sure everything is okay with his heart. Keep him in your prayers, as well as my son Mike who is still waiting to have foot surgery.

Keep in prayers: Jeanne Mullins Adams who fell; Barbara McBee has pneumonia; Hazel Rayburn; Mary Ann Maggard; Melinda Daniel; Amber Trent has been in the hospital with pneumonia and is needing blood; Tommy Tolliver is out of the hospital; Bill and Agnes Maggard; Charles and Audrey Hammonds; Bill King; Colton Whitaker; Ruben and Odessa Lewis; Marie Johnson Boyd; all of our neighbors, friends, relatives, the churches.

May God bless each and every one and enlighten us in His word. I pray for our community, state and country, all the servicemen and servicewomen, policemen and policewomen, firefighters, nurses and doctors, coal miners, and all who have jobs and those who don’t, pray they will find work.

The economy is getting so bad. Phone wires are getting stolen for the copper. Desperate times for some, I guess, but stealing is still a sin.

Hello to all who live away from Letcher County and hope that all is well with you and your families.

Shelbyville, Ind., got six inches of hail the other night, closing part of I-74 for awhile. Some people said they had never seen anything like it. We saw pictures of it and it was really weird.

The weather sometimes makes me think of the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ When I first saw it I dreamed of floods for a week. It has so many different things going on at one time.

The way the weather has been the last few years we have seen some weird stuff like large snowballs lying in cornfields where the wind would blow over 40 miles an hour and roll the snow up into big balls. It would be an easier way to build snowmen.

Well, I am running out of things to write, so until next time, attend the church of your choice (if you are allowed in), be prayerful, and be good to yourself and one another.

Love you all.

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