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Maggards celebrate wedding anniversary

Big Cowan

Well folks, looks like Old Man Winter is not done with us yet. I woke up to a beautiful snow on Saturday morning. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go out.

My husband and son went out to have brakes put on the truck. I stayed home.

Thanks to Chris Trent. The truck sounds better.

Erica and DeAndre Jefferson in California have a new baby girl, Winter Aubrey Jefferson. She weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces was 18inches long. Erica is the daughter of Pam Fields and Charles Edward Demery, and a granddaughter of Archie and Margaret Fields of Cowan and Lucille Collins of Indiana.

Winter has two older brothers and a sister to welcome her home. Congratulations to all. Makes me another great-great-niece.

Bill and Paula Maggard of Brown County, Ind., were married 23 years on Feb. 27. Congratulations to them.

Keep my husband James in prayer. He is still having fluid retention. He will see his heart doctor this month and kidney doctor next month. Pray that everything goes well.

Mike Fields is doing well. Eddie Wolfe is still having some pain.

Eugene Day is still having blood pressure problems and Irene Day is still not doing well.

I saw R.C. Day the other day at Letcher Manor. He was going to visit Frances, and says she is doing better. Her shoulder is still sore. She is still in rehab.

Sorry to hear about the little Halcomb girl dying. May God comfort the family. She was almost four years old. My heart breaks for the family.

My youngest granddaughter,

Michaela Dawn Fields, will be 15 years old on March 9. Where has the time gone? We love you, baby girl, and have a very happy birthday.

Jamie Maggard also has a birthday on March 9. Happy birthday, cousin.

Paige Brown and Marty Fields went to Campbellsville over the weekend with the drama class from their church. Also, Francis and Jenny Day went along. Hopefully they enjoyed their trip.

Allen Pack died two years ago on March 9. He is missed by his family, friends and the community.

Hello to Mrs. Ella Preston. Hoping she is doing well this winter. I think of her often.

Archie Fields is still doing well. Agnes Maggard is still having some health problems. Keep her in prayer.

Audrey and Charles Hammonds still need prayer.

Brenda (Jones) Howard needs our prayer for health issues. She lives in Garret, Ind., and is formerly of Whitco. Her older sister, Beulah, died last week.

Bobby Bates called and told me that he and his brother, J.R. ,went to the visitation for Beulah.

I think I have a lead on Brenda’s sister, Sandra, I need to follow. Sorry for their loss of Beulah.

Thomas Wolfe came home from Hindman to help his mom and dad out after Eddie’s surgery. They sure appreciate him being there.

I have met a lot of nice people at Letcher Manor. Housekeeper Virgie always asks if I had an article in the paper. She looks forward to reading it.

Sonny Fields still needs prayer, and Loreva Fields needs prayer.

Charles Large had some more cancer removed from his neck. The doctor thinks they got all of it. Keep him and Pat in your prayers.

I guess Destiny Maggard will be home-schooled the rest of the year. She will really miss her friends and teachers. Keep her in prayer.

Also, Zane Day needs our prayers.

Well folks, I’ve got to go, so until next time, be good to someone, attend the church of your choice, and may God bless.

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