Whitesburg KY

Maggards return from Alabama visit

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week. I have been enjoying all the apple blossoms and redbud and dogwood trees in bloom. Such a wonderful sight to behold.

Sorry to hear about Inez Reed Tate, 91 years old, dying in Kingsport, Tenn. She was an aunt to Eugene Day, Elmo Day, Georgette Sims, Louise Sturgill and some others.

Agnes Maggard and her daughter Anna Maggard returned from a visit to Alabama. They went to see Archie and Pat and Agnes’s great-granddaughter, Jaslyn, who is four years old. They had a real good visit. First time they had been since Bill Maggard Sr. died.

Linda Day Fields has a birthday on May 2. Happy birthday.

Agnes Maggard will be 66 on May 5. Happy, happy birthday to you. She still needs our prayers.

I went to a revival Friday night with Cecil Howard preaching at King’s Chapel. I enjoyed the service and talked to Richard Brown, who drives the church bus. His grandpa was a brother to my late grandpa, Willie Fields, I believe. I want to find out more.

Received some bad news over the weekend. My husband’s sister, Dana Brown, who has cancer and lives in Edmonton, has taken a turn for the worse. Her kidneys are shutting down. Pray for her. My husband is still having some weak spells. Please keep him in prayer.

Archie is still doing pretty well. I’m not sure how Loreva Fields is doing since she returned home. Keep her in prayer. Also, Audrey Hammonds is still having problems with her thyroid. Keep her in prayer also.

Late happy birthday to Atha Fields and Matthew Eldridge. Both had a birthday on April 28.

Irene and Eugene Day still need our prayers. Ellen King is in the hospital at Whitesburg. Keep her in prayer. Their family has had a rough time lately.

Well, guess I gotta go and turn this in. Hope everyone has a good week. Attend the church of your choice. Keep smiling. God loves you. Be kind to your neighbor.

Until next week.

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