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Magical time is fast approaching

That special time of the year, that magical time, is fast approaching and will be here before you realize it. It is a special time and should be a sacred time because it is the time we have set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We know not what day He was born, but this is the one day of the year which has been set aside to remember His special day. It is a magical time because little children everywhere just ask or wish for things they want, and as if by magic they appear if they are lucky.

I guess I just wasn’t lucky as a child because I kept wishing and asking, but things didn’t just appear as they did for lots of other children. Not even a Teddy bear, which I waited many years for and never got. It is good to give at Christmas and to see the joy on the faces of little children, and to hear the excited chatter as they open their gifts. But we shouldn’t neglect telling them about the reason for the season. They should be taught about our Lord from the cradle up, but it seems as though the only thing most of them are taught is about a chubby little fellow in a red suit.

They forget to teach them about the Wise Men, with only a star to follow as a way to find Jesus, and the faith they had in traveling in the direction of that special star and the gifts they took with them to give the baby when they found Him, and that this is how it all started. But like everything else man touches, it has been changed to suit mankind and not to glorify the Father.

For many this holiday season is a time of hardship because they spend money they really can’t afford, and then they spend the next year digging out of a hole they’ve dug trying to please someone — or should I say trying to please a lot of people who don’t appreciate it to begin with.

Even little children quickly tire of the excitement of their gifts and soon cast them aside, and aren’t able to remember who they got them from.

For far too many adults, Christmas is just another reason to get soused, tipsy, plastered or whatever you want to call it, and not to thank God for His gift to mankind, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

I remember as a little child how much it hurt when I didn’t get things for Christmas like many of my friends. There was a reason for things being as they were, but I won’t mention it, because most of those I grew up with knew why. Many of them didn’t have a happy Christmas either, but for diff erent reasons.

So have a wonderful Christmas, and a safe one, but please don’t forget the reason for the season.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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