Whitesburg KY

Magistrates must also make sacrifices

To the Editor:

Over the past six months, the Letcher County Fiscal Court has asked the good folks of Letcher County to make sacrifices to overcome the financial shortfalls brought on by the lack of coal severance tax revenue.

Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb has had traditional funds from the Fiscal Court sliced from his budget. The Senior Citizen centers in Letcher County have been closed. Garbage bills have been increased while very few slackers have been prosecuted for nonpayment of garbage bills. The Letcher County Recycling Center has been closed. Several employees have been laid off.

We are told on the six o’clock news that there are not enough funds to pay overtime to clear our roadways in the event of a heavy snowstorm. What action was taken at the last meeting of the Fiscal Court you ask? They voted to reinstate their expense account!

If we are to survive this, we all are going to have to make sacrifices; magistrates included.


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