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Maguana Blair Qualls is named Carrollton ‘Person of the Month’



Letcher County native Maguana Blair Qualls was recently named Person of the Month by River Times newspaper in Carrollton. She is the owner of Cornerstone Floral shop in Carrollton, where she lives with her husband Chuck.

She is most proud of her success as a business owner, she told the newspaper, and the best part of her job is being with the public. “I am an extrovert,” she said.

To the question, “Are you more like your mom or dad?”, she answered, “My mom. She also owns a floral shop and I’m high energy just like her. She’s still working at 78 years old.”

According to River Times, Qualls would save her family photos if her house was on fire, and she loves to bicycle and to listen to gospel music. She says the best advice she ever received was from her father, who always said, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”

“He was right on the money,” she said.

Qualls is the daughter of Sue Blair Parks.

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