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Mailing seeds is work!

Speaking of doing things one-handed, as we were doing here last week, try opening one of those tiny 1.5” x 2” Ziplock packets about the size of a book of matches with just your right hand. Using your mouth is not allowed because you don’t want spit or slobber on whatever you’re going to put inside the packet which, in my particular case, was tomato seeds.

It can be done. Even though I don’t have a video to prove it, I managed to open several dozen before enlisting Loretta and our “adopted” granddaughter, 12-year-old Alyssa Edwards, to do the other 600-plus.

Alyssa and/or I put the seeds in them. Loretta tried putting seeds into one little packet and informed me that I was the one who got myself into this mess and I could get myself out. But after seeing me suffer and cuss with the frustration of opening the packets, she took pity and opened several hundred, a task she could perform in about one second that was taking me up to 3 minutes.

Points East

If you are among the 123 readers who took advantage of my heirloom tomato seed promotion, please know that your seeds were mailed late last week. If you haven’t yet received them, blame the post office. I’m as sure as I can be that every envelope I received has been stuffed and mailed and that none got lost between my house and the post office.

I only expected a dozen or so people to be interested, but I wound up having to spend most of September and October saving tomato seeds and the last month getting them into packets.

When you open your seeds, take a look at the contents of each packet. If they have 10-12 seeds, that means Alyssa counted them out and got them into in the packet.

If they have more than a dozen, sometimes even 20 or more, you have me to thank for the surplus. Alyssa can actually pick up a single tomato seed between her thumb and forefinger but sometimes they stick together and she gets two at a time. I can’t manage fewer than a dozen at a time and I do that by raking them into a pile and grabbing a “pinch full”. Some seeds are larger than others so you may have received over 20 in some packets.

By using my right hand to place the open packet in a crevice I can make by getting the thumb and forefinger of my left hand together, I managed to get seeds into well over half the seed packets and seal up the ones that you received. It took me well over three weeks to get my portion completed.

Alyssa did the rest in just a few hours. I figure it was good physical therapy for me. If I’d been paying a therapist $50 an hour to supervise me, I’d have been out well over $10,000. So look at all the money I’ve saved and actually made nearly 40 cents an hour if I don’t include the two months of seed saving that went into the effort. I’m paying Alyssa way, way more than that but she doesn’t need physical therapy.

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