Whitesburg KY

Man charged with DUI after he was found driving with head out window

If you’re driving around a hospital parking lot with the hood of your car sticking through its windshield you are probably drunk.

That was the conclusion drawn by Whitesburg City Police Officer Sara Damron when she arrived at the Whitesburg hospital about 2:40 a.m. Tuesday to find a man driving around the parking lot with his head stuck out the driver’s side window because he couldn’t see through the heavily damaged windshield.

While Officer Damron was probably confident that suspect Terry Allan Wyatt Jr. was heavily intoxicated, she became convinced that Wyatt, 30, of Neon was plenty drunk when he blew a .219 on a breathalyzer test she administered Wyatt after taking him to the Letcher County Jail. A test reading of .080 is legal limit for drivers who have consumed alcohol.

Damron said she was summoned to the hospital after Whitesburg ARH security guard Chris Perry phoned in a complaint after he observed Perry “driving through the parking with his head out of the window because his hood was smashed through the windshield.”

In a citation filed in Letcher District Court, Officer Damron says, Wyatt “struck another vehicle that was parked in the parking lot and continued driving. (Wyatt) had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on him once I approached him. He was read Miranda (and) I asked him to step out of the vehicle. (Wyatt) had to use vehicle as leverage to keep him from falling.”

According to Officer Damron, Wyatt “informed me he had been drinking tonight — a lot. He doesn’t remember what he hit or what happened.”

In addition to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Wyatt, of 3166 Highway 805, Neon, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid or assistance, and failure to produce an automobile insurance card.

Wyatt was arrested and taken to the Letcher County Jail. Bond was set at $500 cash.

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