Whitesburg KY

Man charged with identity theft here

A Cromona man was recently arrested after he tried to use another man’s information to obtain a driver’s license.

Mark W. Davis, 38, of 190 Austin Road, was charged with identity theft and second-degree forgery on February 1.

Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb said Davis handed the driver’s license clerk a birth certificate and Social Security card belonging to Clifton Coate on January 28. The clerk collected $12 and Davis signed the signature card, according to police.

Webb said when the clerk saw the previous picture of Coate, which was stored on the computer, she commented that his looks had changed. Webb said Davis told the clerk he had cancer and had lost weight and his hair.

The clerk printed out the card with Davis’s picture on it and one with Coate’s picture and went to ask the other clerks if they thought the photos were of the same man. When she returned, Davis was gone.

Davis turned himself into the sheriff’s department on February 1 after he learned a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

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