Whitesburg KY

Man faces robbery charge

Let the buyer beware took on a new meaning in a criminal warrant filed in Letcher County last week.

Tonya Adams, of Mayking, filed a warrant against Robert Paul Maggard, 50, of 551 Around the Mountain Road, saying she was robbed after she went to his house to discuss how to pick up an all-terrain vehicle he had agreed to trade her for a truck.

Adams said in the warrant that she went to Maggard’s house on January 23 to discuss the trade, but while she was there, Maggard put a handgun to her head and told her he was robbing her. Adams said she gave him her Samsung cell phone, $200 cash, her state identification, bankcard, Food Stamp card, medical cards and Social Security cards.

“After the affiant handed the offender these items, he then stated to her ‘that she had ten seconds to leave his property or he was going to blow her brains out,’ ” the warrant says.

Adams left the property, and obtained a warrant January 27 for first-degree robbery.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Brandon Watts arrested Maggard January 30 on the warrant and lodged him in the Letcher County Jail. He was released yesterday (Tuesday) on bond.

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