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Man found nude in Neon IGA store enters guilty plea

A man charged with burglary after he was found nude inside a Neon grocery store has been sentenced to four years of probation after pleading guilty in Letcher Circuit Court.

Andrew Toothman, 23, of 3166 Hwy. 805, Neon, pleaded guilty on November 7 to charges of burglary, criminal mischief, indecent exposure and public intoxication.

Toothman was found naked inside Whitaker’s Food World IGA with peanut butter and chocolate syrup spread on his body on the morning of January 31. He entered the grocery, located at Neon Junction, by breaking glass in the front door. Toothman then destroyed food items, furniture, and personal property.

David Whitaker, store manager of the Food World IGA, said one package of pork chops was taken from the meat counter and a pork chop was found at the end of aisle three and a pork chop was found at the end of aisle four.

Court documents say that Toothman took bottles of Nyquil from a shelf and used them to spell out the word “sorry.” Toothman is also accused of discharging three fire extinguishers inside the store.

Police later learned that Toothman ingested bath salts before the incident.

Toothman also pleaded guilty last week to third-degree assault. He allegedly smacked a deputy jailer in the face on Feb. 5.

Letcher Circuit Judge Sam Wright has ordered Toothman to serve two years probation for the charges related to the grocery store burglary and two years probation for the assault charge.

The grocery store’s insurance company has paid $4,961in store damages. If there is a deductable or if the insurance company sues Toothman, he would be responsible for paying restitution.

Wright ordered Toothman to serve community service or take classes unless the Court finds reason Toothman is unable to do so.

As part of the plea, Toothman must remain off the premises of the grocery store, and cannot have contact with the store owners or employees.

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