Whitesburg KY

Man returns $5,024 found here

A bank bag containing $5,024 was found on the bathroom floor at the Whitesburg McDonald’s and was returned the following day to the 91-year-old man who had lost the money.

An elderly Hazard man was in Whitesburg on February 3 for an eye appointment. His daughter had driven him here and the two had stopped for lunch at McDonald’s, where bank bag fell out of the man’s shirt and onto the bathroom floor. The money was in $100 bills and kept in a bundle held by rubber bands.

“He’s just one of those who likes to keep his money with him,” said Whitesburg Police Captain Henry Day.

The bag was found by Jerry Lynis McNew, a tow truck driver from Dungannon, Va., who had also stopped to eat at McDonald’s on February 3. McNew saw the bank bag lying on the bathroom floor and picked it up. He later told police he didn’t immediately open the bag to see what was inside, but instead tossed the bag in the back of his truck and headed back to Virginia with a friend.

“He got 60-some miles into Virginia and told his buddy to open it up and that is when he saw all of the money, turned around and came to the police department,” said Day.

The money was reported missing at 1 p.m. and was returned at 7 p.m.

Day said McNew told him he had thought about waiting until the next day to return the money, but that it kept weighing on him.

The elderly man’s daughter picked up the money at the Whitesburg Police Department on February 4.

“ She was tickled to death,” said Day. “She said her dad was going to call this man and give him a reward.”

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