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Man says he’ll walk across state to pray for citizens, leaders



Letcher County and its government officials were prayed for last week by a Winchester man who is spending the rest of this year walking across Kentucky praying for leaders and citizens in each town he walks through.

“I’m praying for the leaders in our state from governors to mayors,” said Mark Mills. “I’m praying for police officers and firefighters.”

Mills, 49, began his prayer walk September 30 in front of the courthouse in Frankfort and plans on ending his walk December 31 in front of the capitol in Frankfort.

Mills has walked to Louisville, Newport, Maysville and Pikeville.

He stood in front of the Letcher County Courthouse at 9 a.m. November 12 where he blew on a shofar, a horn used for Jewish religious services, and read a declaration. Mills said the first thing he does when he walks into a county seat is to pray for the government.

“I just walk up, blow the trumpet, make a declaration and continue the journey,” said Mills. “Sometimes people listen. Sometimes people look at me strangely. Sometimes there is no one.”

Mills is taking off four months of work as a carpenter in order to complete his mission. He said being a carpenter has helped to prepare him as he walks in cold weather.

Mills said he walks Monday through Saturday about eight hours each day averaging about 12 to 18 miles a day. He sometimes stays in hotels during the night but on occasion has slept by the side of a road.

His parents have spent most of the trip driving close by in case they are needed.

Mills encourages others to go out into the field and pray.

He said people have been generous while he was been traveling from place to place.

“I have had police officers stop and offer me water,” said Mills. “I have had people offer to buy my dinner and lunch.”

Mills recalled when he was walking alongside a busy highway and a tire blew off of a large tractor-trailer truck about 50 feet from him.

“I thought, Lord, you are truly watching out for me,” he said.

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