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Many are sick and have broken bones

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It’s hard to believe it’s time for news again. Time goes so fast, I’m about afraid to close my eyes, afraid I’ll miss something.

Clyde and I and also my sister, Betty Tyree, enjoyed a nice visit with Juanita and Earl Profitt on Friday at the nursing home. They are special friends of our family.

We offer our sympathy to the ones who have lost loved ones, the family of James Trent of Whitco; the family of Jordan Sexton, the young man who lived just up the road from us; and also the family of the lady who was killed in an auto accident, Tilitha Holbrook Campbell.

I’ve enjoyed talking with Danola (Adkins) Andrews. She has a broken arm and is having rehab at Letcher Manor. Harding Ison has a broken leg and he is also having rehab.

So many people are sick or have broken bones.

We sure enjoyed a visit on Saturday with our son, Rob Hatton. and his daughter, Rocki, and her husband, Matt Hill, of Lexington.

I had a little visit with two nice ladies on Sunday, Irene Brown and Danola (Adkins) Andrews. They are well-matched roommates.

Irene was telling me Ray Back of Blackey, had a fall and was in Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. I sure hope he will do OK. He and his wife, Beulah, are special friends of all us Howards.

I saw two pretty ladies at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday. They looked like models, Anna Lea Goins and her sister, Emma Lou Engle, who writes for the Eagle. I’ve been reading her news for a long time, but I had never met her. I would have loved getting to talk a long time, but my family was waiting for me at our table. I also met her husband. I told him I knew his brother, Chalmer Engle, and wife Goldie, who are also residents at Letcher Manor. You meet a lot of nice people up there. Up there and at church are about the only people I see except family.

I hope everyone enjoyed this long weekend and got to spend time with their families.

My news is short this week, but I have some pictures. Thank you, Pauline Bastow, for the picture. Also, thanks to my good friend for the beautiful flowers she sent. They really brightened my day.

Have yourselves a good week and try to go to church this week. May God bless all of you. Smile, God loves you.

This news from Eva Sergent of Lexington:

“Hello, everyone. Sorry to be so slow in writing, but I have had company for the past two weeks.

“I sure enjoyed my visit to Whitesburg. My two nieces and I stayed at Parkway Motel. We went to the Thornton Cemetery and put flowers on the graves.

“I talked to Lonnie Frazier and sure hated to hear of the passing of Glenn. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost loved ones.

“Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. Mine was nice; my son and his wife and I had a nice lunch with my grandson, Ben Brewer, in Georgetown. There were eight there, plus Brady, the new addition. He is really growing fast.

“Hello to all at the center and the nursing home.

“I talked to Viola Maggard and she enjoyed Mother’s Day with her family. She sends a big hello to her Aunt Minnie and family.

“Iris had a great day, also.

“My niece called me and they made it home OK. I really enjoyed them. We had breakfast at the Pine Mountain Grill and Oma Hatton and her sister were with us. My niece sure enjoyed Oma and her sister. Also while there, I saw Barbara Bentley, Hank and Ronnie and I sure enjoyed seeing them.

“A big hello to my family in Ohio, and also my in-laws in Indiana. My nephew, Nolan, in Ohio said they were fine. My great-granddaughter, Laykin, is doing fine. Her brother, Caleb, made all A’s on his report card and also made the Honor Roll.

“While in Whitesburg, my niece, Carol Baker, and Edsel had us over for dinner and the food was good. Carol is a good cook. We enjoyed her and Edsel very much. She said her brother was doing OK.

“I also had company from Florida last week, Herman Brush and wife Billie Jean. They spent the week with my son and we all just visited and ran around.

“Our weather has been nice. “May God bless each and every one.”

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