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Many families are enjoying vacation trips


A lot of people have been on vacation already and the ones that I’ve heard from, they all had a nice time. Mike and Marcia Caudill and some of their family have been to Hawaii and after returning home, they and their children all went to Gatlinburg together. Marcia said they had a great time. George and Pat Caudill along with Kristy and Darren and their children recently enjoyed a week at Myrtle Beach. I believe George and Pat’s son, Paul Haydon, and his wife are living in North Carolina now.

Guy and Patsy Parks and some of their family also vacationed at Myrtle Beach.

We were sorry to learn that Florene Smith Back died in Ohio. She had been sick since January and her husband, Marion, is very ill also. Florene was a sister to Homer Smith. She was laid to rest in Ohio. Homer is the last child of the large family of Madison and Sarah Smith.

Tommy Harris Smith, Mary Jo Blair, Danna Smith and others cooked dinner for the church group from Alabama, that was here working in the community. They all got together at Tommy’s cabin on the top of Drew Branch and enjoyed the good food.

Blair Branch Church had a very good memorial service on Sunday. A large crowd of family and friends were present to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones. The crowd was so large that some had to sit in the kitchen area of the church. After church we had a good old-fashioned “Baptist” dinner which we all enjoyed.

A few weeks ago, Roland and Carol Blair and Clayton Shepherd went to the Crase family reunion held at Fort Boonesborough. Clayton’s mother was a Crase and they had a nice time. We missed Clayton at church on Sunday. He has a case of the shingles and hopefully they won’t be to painful.

Verlon Breeding spent a few days at Whitesburg Hospital. He is home now but wasn’t able to attend church on Sunday and we missed him. His diabetes is giving him some problems.

Beulah Blair Barrier has been in Letcher County visiting her brothers and sisters and their families for a few days. Beulah is the daughter of the late “Little” Bennie and Bessie Blair. She lives in South Carolina.

Mike Ison has been here from Lexington visiting with Rodney and Geraldine Ison. While here, Mike attended church at Blair Branch on Saturday night and on Sunday, he attended Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church.

Alan and Reva Adams’s son, David, will be baptized at Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church next Sunday.

Mary Lou Combs and her daughter, Donna Frazier, have been in from Louisville visiting with Francine Caudill and her family at Sycamore. Adam Bentley, Francine’s son-in-law, has been helping his dad and mom move into the Edith Caudill home at Sycamore Loop.

Many in our area died over the weekend. Wilda Caudill of Pratt Branch died in Tennessee over the weekend. She had lived in Tennessee to be near her son since becoming sick. Wilda was the widow of Elbert Lee Caudill. Lenore Dixon died at her home at Blackey on Saturday. Lenore had fought a long battle with cancer. Berl Madden of Isom, died in Lexington on Saturday. Burl had surgery recently and may have died due to a blood clot. Our sympathy and prayers go to all of the family members and also to the family of Erin Warden, who was just a young woman and mother.

I forgot to mention last week about the death of Orbin Thomas of Rockhouse. His funeral was held at Blair Branch Church and a large crowd attended the services. His family was so considerate and took such good care of the church while their loved one was there. He was well known and loved by many.

Opal Banks was happy to talk with Randy Combs recently. Randy is the son of the late Raymond and Geneva Combs. He used to visit at Everett and Opal’s home when he and Ed were young. Happy birthday to Opal, whose birthday is this week.

Can you believe that June is almost gone. It seems warm weather finally gets here and before you know it, it flies by.

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