Whitesburg KY

Many in Blackey area hospitalized


Grace Caudill of Elk Creek fell at her home and had to be taken to the Whitesburg Hospital ER. Luckily she didn’t break anything, but they did have to keep her and drain fluid from around her heart. She came home afterward. Grace has not been home long from her stay at the nursing home after she had broken her hip.

Wayne Caudill of Blackey, was in the hospital. He had surgery and then ended up with an infection. He is home now and doing better.

Carrie Cornett of Letcher, was also in the hospital. She had an infection and had to be on antibiotics. It was such bad infection they had to send her on to Lexington. Carrie has heart problems so they will have to watch her closely.

Jason Adams of Blackey, went to the doctor in Lexington Friday to have tests done for cancer. Hopefully they will turn out OK. He is the son of Ray Dean and Doris Adams.

Linda Jones of Blackey, had to be taken to the ER Thursday night. They think she might have had a series of mini strokes.

My great-niece, Shanna Adams, had an appointment in Lexington for outpatient surgery. She had the top of a mole removed and they wanted her to have the rest of it cut out. We are all thankful that it was not cancer.

Happy birthday to Anita “Tootsie” Johnson of Carbon Glow. It is on Jan. 24.

Emory Caudill of Carcassonne, has been having some health problems and had to have some surgery. I wish him the best.

The cold weather caused some problems with people’s water lines. My parents, P-nut and Jean, had one break and the church they attend, Blackey Missionary Baptist, had one break and it flooded the church.

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