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Mostly clear

Many Letcher Countians suffering from flu


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well after all the Christmas and New Year’s Day is over and all the things that kept us running.

It’s hard to settle back down to everyday life. I’ve just been tired and I’ve stayed in and not gone out except to church and the grocery store.

We’ve had so many of our people sick and in the hospital. With all this flu going around we need to take care of ourselves and try not to get it.

I enjoyed getting a call from Deloris Holbrook, Dorthy Tacket’s daughter.

My niece, Betty Hall, had died and I couldn’t find out what happened. She had a heart attack. She lived next door to me when she was a child.

I got a call about her about a month earlier. Her husband, James “Podge” Hall, was in poor health. I hope he is feeling better. My sympathy goes out to him and their children.

I haven’t seen them in a long time. They lived in Chicago for a long time after they left here.

I ran into Daryl Hale at the drugstore, and he said his mother Marie Hale wasn’t doing well at all. She needs everyone’s prayer, and also Hazel Hart and Shirley Niece. Almost every home has someone who’s not doing well. The hospital is full.

My sister, Betty Tyree, came out for a visit on Friday, and we enjoyed it. We don’t visit much anymore. Most of our visits are by phone or Facebook. I’m not into Facebook. Others seem to enjoy it.

I’ve enjoyed the warmer weather. I had my first flat tire recently and it scared me to death. I thought my car was falling apart.

I was on my way to visit Kevin Day at the hospital. He was feeling better.

Bro. Earnest Brock is also in the hospital, and Hazel Hart and Shirley Niece. So many people are up there. They have a full house. I hope they get out soon. So many people have the flu. My pastor, Bro. John Conn, was visiting all of them.

I enjoyed getting to spend time with Larry Kevin Day at the hospital. He’s such a happy boy. He is always smiling, and if you look at him to you will have to smile.

We need more people like that. We don’t need to go around with a frown.

I haven’t been out much this week and have not heard from many people, so my news will be short. I hope to get some good news this week.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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