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Many mourn death of Josephine Holcomb


Since I was out of town on Labor Day and didn’t get a column in, some of this is carried over from a couple of weeks ago.

The area was saddened by the death of Josephine Holcomb of Isom. She had struggled so hard after her strokes, and her family stayed by her bedside day and night.

Her funeral was held at the Isom Presbyterian Church with a large crowd of family and fiends. The visitation at the funeral home the night before was so full that many could not get in and waited outside to speak to the family.

She had employed many girls and women during her long time running Holcomb’s Dairy Bar at Isom. I think she said that she had run the custard stand for over 50 years, and most everyone who grew up around this end of Letcher County and Knott County remembers enjoying an ice

cream or other goody from Josephine’s custard stand. litter disposal

Our prayers are with Hoover, Ronnie, Robert and the grandchildren, and Josephine’s sister Marie Reedy as well as other family members. ‘Jo’ will be missed by so many.

On a recent trip to a doctor in Lexington, Bob, Opal and Kenny Joe Banks and I all drove on down to the new Nicholasville Cracker Barrel Restaurant to see our daughter Jessie. They were interviewing for new workers so we didn’t stay long, just a moment to say hello and check on her. The store is set to open on Sept. 21, and Jessie has really been busy.

Recently, Connie and Russell Blair had their grandson Austin, of Nevada, in visiting with them. He and Connie spent a couple of nights in Connie’s new log cabin in the backyard. He also enjoyed Papaw and Mamaw’s chickens. I believe that he stayed here a couple of weeks.

I think chickens this day enjoy a pampered life. Connie’s chicken house was built from plans from the Internet, and you gather the eggs without having to go into the chicken house. The nests are on the side and have a lift-up roof.

Bonita and Jerry Adams’s hen house is prettied up with flower boxes on the windows and lots of running area in the lot.

And then there’s Dad’s (Don Pridemore’s) chicken house, made out of pretty, old yellow pine paneling from the old Suburban Motel, and big enough for a person to live in.

The Indian Bottom Association hosted a large group of different churches from Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and Indiana. The weekend had good preaching, fellowship, meetings and good oldfashioned food.

Don, Coreen Pridemore and I all went to Wheelersburg, Oh., on Labor Day for the big flea market, and to visit kinfolk. All of the children of Hiram and Ella Pridemore were there, Billie, Elva and Lenville of Ohio, Ford of Lexington, Dad and Lee from here, and Darrell of Illinois. All of their spouses but one were also there.

Also, all of the surviving children of Dee and Ethel Smith were there. Tommy Harris, Mary Jo, Lillie Moss, Anna Lou and Roy Kennon were all glad to get together. Kenneth was with Anna Lou, too.

Some of us shopped through the flea market before meeting at Roy Kennon, Billie’s, and Bill and Elva’s church for a good potluck dinner together. It was like a family reunion since I also had a lot of cousins attending.

Lee and Wilma spent two nights there before heading home, but most of us just drove there and back home the same day.

Vina Banks Roark recently spent a couple of days in the hospital, but is home now, and hopefully feeling better.

Jeff and Becky Roark attended the state fair, and Becky enjoyed the animal exhibits, especially the goats, since she has a group of goats herself. Next year she hopes to enter some of her miniature goats in the fair.

Recently a good meeting was reported from the Blair Cemetery Memorial at Blair Branch. A lot of family, friends and neighbors attended, and afterward had a good dinner. I’m not sure of the name of that cemetery, but it’s the one on the hill behind Arlie and Ila Adams’s house.

Our sympathy goes out to the families of Gary Caudill and Geneva Roark Francis, who both recently died.

Gary’s service was held at the Little Bull Creek Church, and Geneva’s was held at Blair Branch Church.

Saturday, a big birthday party was held for Luke Williams at his new home on Black Bottom. Other than his parents, Shane and Amber, he had many grandparents there. K.P., Lana and Coreen Pridemore, Arnetta Mae Slone, and then his grandparents on his father’s side, plus many aunts, uncles and kinfolk.

The family of Jeff and Hattie Ison got together at Agnes’s home at Carlisle for their reunion recently, with over 90 family members present. Agnes’s husband, Paul Maggard, has been very sick lately, and we hope that he is improving by now.

Wanda Maggard of Sycamore Loop has recently been in the hospital, and hopefully she is feeling better after getting home. Her and Billy’s son, Jeremy, is living back at Sycamore and is renting Homer Smith’s trailer. I’m sure his mom and dad are glad to have him back in the neighborhood.

Opal Banks had her grandchildren Beth and Joshua Banks of Ohio, in visiting her last weekend. Beth’s husband Anthony and Josh’s wife Joey and children Gage and Lilly Mae also came.

We had a cookout on Saturday for them, and most all of Opal’s family were there. Jessie drove up from Lexington to be there and to see her cousins.

We were pleased recently to see Ida Adams riding on a pink fourwheeler with her daughter Freda Seals. They were on top of Blair Branch for an outing, and Ida seemed to be enjoying herself as did the two young boys in front of them on four-wheelers.

Sunday evening Don and Coreen Pridemore, Jerry and Bonita Adams, Ellis and Ila Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell and I all went up on top of Blair Branch Mountain for a cookout, walk, and a few games of cornhole. We had hot dogs and chips and visited, and then took our dogs, all four of them, for a walk around the reunion area, then came back to see who was best at Noah’s cornhole game. I think Jerry and Don took that honor. We all enjoyed being together.

This gets me caught up for now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things, but maybe they will come to me next week.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall-like weather and has a good week.

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