Whitesburg KY

Many places have high waters

Happy spring to everyone! How’s everyone doing? We had a few beautiful sunny days, then came the rain after most of the snow has melted.

Now there’s flooding through the Ohio Valley and every low-lying area, not just Ohio it seems, lots of places.

I live close to a river, but thank God I’ve only had one serious scare several years ago. Now it’s mostly seep water in the basement, which is a nuisance.

Once again, I won’t complain as so many have lost homes, and are having to clean up from the flood. I really do try to keep a good outlook on life, though sometimes I find it rather difficult.

I did have to laugh at someone saying how rough it was for a week without heat. I made it through from the first week of February until summer with three electric heaters and an electric blanket. Yes, I survived, but at times there was a lot of discomfort.

The only room that stayed warm was my bathroom. When I was gone during the day, everything was shut off, and at night all I left on was the electric heater in the bathroom to keep the water lines from freezing. A couple of times they did freeze, just not badly enough to burst.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of hearing birds singing so early in the morning. It’s such a delightful sound.

Since my son Keith Ballard put a homemade bird- feeder close to the porch I have enjoyed watching the birds eating all winter, small sparrows, a blue jay, and especially a woodpecker.

Southern Ohio

Now to hear the glorious songs of a different kind of bird. I’ve seen a few robins

There’s been something on the news that people don’t ever seem to shut up about. Breastfeeding in public, in my opinion, is the natural thing for a mother to do, if she so chooses.

If a woman doesn’t want to make a spectacle of the issue, there’s a simple solution. Place a small cover. You don’t have to put a quilt, just a small clean something. In some cases, it may be a large cover.

I recall the time when neighbor women or relatives who were nursing would nurse a baby other than their own. I seem to recall back in history of even slaves being nursemaids.

My point is, women shouldn’t have to go into a stinking bathroom to feed a baby. How many would like to eat their meal in a place like that?

One more thing and I will hush. Women can be decent in any situation. Please think, of course, there are some who enjoys the publicity.

Yes, I nursed my first child. I used a clean diaper to cover my exposed breast.

I’m sorry to say Ann Calihan had an accident and is bruised and banged up bad. Thank God nothing is broken. Her elbow is swollen so badly, that can’t be ruled out as of yet.

Ann was with her family and missed a step, leaving her with a bruised face and mouth. Johnny and their daughter Sue Wagner and maybe others were with her.

Please say a prayer that she will soon lose the soreness, and say a prayer of thankfulness that Ann wasn’t hurt worse. Ann has gone through enough and was just getting back on her feet.

If Ann is going to go partying, I want to go with her, so we can both lie down since she is acting like me.

Richard Caudill and the Mountain Men, Bryce, Ben and Joseph, have all been enjoying riding their fourwheelers regardless of the weather, snow, rain, and sunshine. It’s called bundle up and let’s go.

Ricky is a rough and tough sort of guy! That is to look at his height and build. It seems he has no fear, well he tackled a tree and it got the best of him as he is sort of banged up.

At least it wasn’t a bear that invited him to lunch, or to say Ricky was the lunch.

His riding partner Valerie Ison and her son Beau have been sort of under the weather. I hope Val is feeling better as the weather is going to be really nice before long.

I am sure there are dozens that ride four-wheelers that are waiting for the sunshine, fresh air, even the mud. Right, Frieda?

The bluegrass festival at Roxana has already been posted. I wish there were more local bands, especially Sunrise Ridge.

Will Caudill & Route 7 is another excellent band.

Someone from back in the mountains wants to know why the upcoming prison should be built in Roxana. I have a question also, why not? Roxana needs something in the area, a prison will generate jobs.

Before I get on someone’s toes, I will simply say like Merle Haggard sings when you are talking about our country, you are walking on the fighting side of me. When you are talking about Roxana I feel the same way.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a little time in the mountains, more on that later.

I haven’t heard anything about little Luke Polly’s benefit. I hope it was a good turnout.

Little Luke is cancer free, but he will have to take treatments for a long time. Keep this family in your prayers.

Doyle and Betty Ison are still aren’t perking very well. They’ve had a rough time with flu and I do believe pneumonia.

With warmer weather may everyone, including me, feel better.

Hello to my niece Sue and Mart Hall. Wanda and Mattie, I hope you two are doing alright.

Death and divorce are two things that seem to affect the rest of the family by their losing touch.

Enough of my ramblings, I am running behind as usually.

Until next time.

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