Whitesburg KY

Many visitors came by before new road was built


This spring has really gone by fast. Some people are having onions and lettuce from their gardens. It has been a good season so far. I think it is going to be a good fruit year also.

I enjoyed a nice surprise when Vera Caudill, Ruth Adams, and Arnie Boggs came by for a visit Sunday afternoon. I missed church that day. I got a pretty bad fall last week just after I got home from seeing my doctor. I probably should have gone back.

Everybody seems to be pretty busy, lots of jobs mowing and others things during the summer. I have good neighbors who mow my yard and do other things around the place. One of my neighbors is planting us a garden. He says it is looking good.

Seems like there are not many coming or going this year. It is a pretty time of the year.

Elizabeth Fairchild attended church at Eolia Sunday where she is a member. We went there many times when Bert was alive. We always enjoyed going places together. It was a joy to him to please others and he was especially good to me. He was a good husband, father and neighbor. He helped in many ways over the years.

Many people visited in our home and many ministers when they were here to visit Little Cowan Church on special occasions. We used to have a lot of revivals where many of our people got saved. So many of them are gone now, and many others of our people. We all had good times together over the years.

Before the road was built across Pine Mountain, the road came by our home. Many people would come by our home and spend the night when they came into Whitesburg on various occasions. Sometimes people would tell them to come to our house and said, ‘They will help you out’ but there was no charge and many did come by.

We always had plenty to eat as most of our food was grown on the farm and my father had a lot of bees. Honey was a money crop back then. We really lived good. There were no handouts and we had a lot better things to eat than we have now. We also had lots of fruit trees, some early summer and some fall. I think it’s hard to have apples now as most people use spray for better fruit.

I guess sometimes you just wander back to when our families were all at home when you get older. Many think times were hard back then, but most people had plenty to eat and were able to buy clothes for their children. We always had plenty to eat and clothes to keep us warm. Out of eight children, all lived to be old but one little boy, Charlie, who died at the age of four when he had whooping cough and took pneumonia. Carl Bennett has a real nice picture of him.

When you run out of news your mind wanders back to the good times and the bad. We have all been blessed in many ways over the years.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Johnny Fields, who was the son on the late Corbin and Dolly Fields. Johnny grew up on Cowan. He was living in Casey County. His funeral was at the Somerset Methodist Church, which he and his wife, Ocie, had attended. Many were there from Letcher County and other states, as well as many friends from around Somerset. His young grandson sang a beautiful song.

Roger and Karen Fields, Vera Caudill, Albert and Hazel Holbrook, Mack Fields, and Pearl Fields all vacationed at Pike Lake. They really enjoyed visiting with each other and went shopping at a nearby outlet.

Yvonne Sutphin of Virginia, was here visiting family and friends and attended Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday.

Regina Crawford spent the night with her parents, Bennett and Linda Combs, on Thursday night. Regina’s daughter, Christina, is in Florida on vacation. Her son, Dustin, is in New York for a seminar in forensic training.

Jeana Lucas graduated in May from Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College’s physical therapy assistant program. She will be working at P.T. Professionals in Hazard and Hindman.

The Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church wants to thank everyone who helped us have another successful yard sale.

Marilyn Banks, Linda Lucas, Carol Caudill, Gail Brewster, and Liza Ramage visited Verna and Chester Rayburn in Liberty. Verna fixed a delicious lunch for them, and then everyone went shopping. Everyone had a great time.

Pat and Marilyn Banks from Columbus, Ind., had their basement flooded during the recent floods. Several of their friends and family members were more seriously affected by the flooding.

Verna and Chester Rayburn spent the weekend on Cowan.

Verna, Linda and Doris attended Seedtime on the Cumberland Saturday afternoon. They enjoyed the booths, seeing the quilts on display made by the aunts and mothers, visiting with friends, neighbors and former neighbors, especially the “Cowan Women Stories” wonderfully presented by Stacy Dollarhide, Nell Fields, Carol Ann Ison, Tammie McIntosh, Dorothy Jean Miles, and Marie Pendleton.

Pam Banks, Nicole and Haley visited Pam’s brother, Mike, and Pam Cornett in Alabama. They dropped off Sue Banks at Bob and Christine Gatton’s in Knoxville. Sue’s brother, Kyle, and Cindy Fleming from Atlanta picked her up there and went to their brother, Glen, and Jill Flannery’s in Indianapolis. Their brother, Paul Flannery, from Spokane, Wash., joined them. They got to see many of their nieces and nephews and visited their sister, Billie, in a nursing home. They saw some of the flood damage and had to leave a day early because of it.

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