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Many volunteers helped with developing Blackey city park

To the Editor:

We would like to amend and add to comments made about Blackey Park during a recent meeting of the Blackey City Council and reported in last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle.

The park is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer labor by people too numerous to mention.

The story of the land is best told in the text of the monument. It is the story of Fred Caudill, a 1920s Blackey boy who went to Stuart Robinson, Centre College, the University of Louisville, and – incredibly for the time and circumstances – to Harvard Medical School; who became a famed epidemiologist, and devoted most of his working life to helping people through the 1940s polio epidemic; and who died of the disease himself in 1947.

The text of the monument was written by Dr. Neville Caudill. It describes Dr. Fred Caudill’s ultimate gift, and his wife Frankie’s and his son Neville’s gift of the land in his memory and honor. Our role was just to work with Neville Caudill to effect the transfer of the land to Blackey, and to help develop the park.


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