Whitesburg KY

Many without power from stormy weather


Rain, rain, rain and more rain would fit our weather forecast for the past two weeks. Thankfully Sunday morning the sun came out and stayed out all day.

Many communities were without electricity all day on Friday and some longer than that. The wind and rain took down many trees all around the county and caused mud slides and flooding too.

Larry and Sandy Hall’s daughter, Misha, graduated from Morehead State University on Saturday and Larry and Sandy and Johnny Combs attended the graduation. Misha’s grandmother, Hazel Adams, is very proud of her.

Ila Adams’s sister, Eolia Whitaker Caudill, of Stanford, had a sick spell last week and the doctors think that she had a stroke. Ellis, Ila, Tammy and Scott went to check on her, and Jerry and Bonita Adams stopped by and stayed at the hospital at Danville for about a hour with Merle and Eolia. She is doing a lot better and Ila talked to her on the phone on Sunday. Merle and Eolia were missed on Sunday at the memorial meeting at the Doty Church.

Estill and Alma Rose Blair went to Lexington to visit their grandchildren, and Christy and her husband and spent Mother’s Day there.

Corey Taylor of Isom won the Cowboy Shoot last weekend at Jackson County. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor of Isom. Terry works at Taylor Body Shop in Isom.

Our sympathy to the family of Carolyn Sexton Walters of Elk Creek, who died last week. Her services were held at the Mt. Olivet Church at Blackey.

At the visitation, Bob talked to former Black Bottom resident Donnie Hall, who now lives in Tennessee.

This weekend will be church time at the Blair Branch Church.

Just a brief column this week, maybe I’ll have more next week.

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