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Marie Isaacs forgets birthday

Did you enjoy our week of nice weather? I put away my patio furniture and should have done a lot more outside.

Thanks to Lucky Sexton, we had some fresh mustard greens. That man has had a great garden. He is also a good cook.

Our center has had some fun times this week. We laugh a lot and enjoy playing games and we also learn a lot about nutrition. The best folks go to the centers, so get up and visit when you can.

Hey, I made a mistake last week that I need to correct. Our class reunion for the year of 1961 is this weekend, not last weekend. When I goof, I do it well. Thanks to all who called and kept me from going by myself. So I will see my classmates this coming weekend.

Our family has lost another loved one this week. On Thursday afternoon, Clester’s brother Charles had a heart attack while mowing his lawn and died. He lived in Bristol, W.Va. He loved coming home to Deane and Letcher County and had a trip planned in a couple weeks. We will miss him so much. Charlie’s wife will be taken to Minnesota to live with their daughter. Their son Scott lives in Maryland.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dayle Hall family. He was such a wonderful person. I had known him most of my life. Samantha and Kathy, we love you both.

We have so many friends who are sick and we want to lift them up in prayer. Paul Adams of Daniels Branch is so very sick.

My sister-in -law Marie Isaacs forgot her birthday this year. It was on Oct. 6. She still enjoyed the day. Mike remembered but didn’t mention it until late in the day.

Maxine Quillen and Imogene Sexton enjoyed going to Hemphill Community Center on Friday night. These girls love to have fun and dance.

Raymond and Annette Isaacs have been to their place in Tennessee for some fishing and the weather was very good. Colson

Carol Baker and her granddaughter Kaylee visited with Ann Thomas this week. Jennifer Isaacs and sons Jared and Ethan were in for a short visit with Clester and me, and her mom Billie Stansberry. Jared and Ethan were out of school for fall break. What a wonderful time we had just being together.

My brother Warren and his grandson Jagger were up on Saturday. Our brother Ken took Jagger on the kids’ hunting trip. Jagger didn’t get a deer but he had fun. Warren and Ken worked on our family cemetery.

The Historical Society had a very good week. We had 15 markers set on three different cemeteries. More will be set later. I love seeing the stones on the unmarked graves. Thanks to Francine and Tim. There was another boy but I forgot his name, sorry. If you know of an unmarked grave, please let us know. We only set them in Letcher County.

Camping out with the Cub Scouts this weekend were Jack, Krystal and Jesse Quillen. I know all the Scouts and parents had a good time.

Don’t forget to go by the library in Whitesburg and look at the Giant in the window. We sure are getting a good response from everyone who has seen him. I got calls from all over this week, wanting to know more about him and how long he was going to be in the library. Some much needed donations have come in.

Thanks to all who have donated or just called for information.

I still need to know where the Thomas Collins Cemetery is located. Thanks to Janice Profitt of Camp Branch, we now know where Black Rob Bates’s home was located. It was near the Thornton Park and he is buried on the Gish property on Thornton.

Get well wishes to Ms. June, Brother Bill Craft’s wife. She is in Pikeville Hospital but will hopefully be home by the time you are reading this.

Denver and Sue Meade have been visiting in Letcher County. They came to the center one or two days with our Ms. Opal. Denver and Sue live in Ohio.

May God bless

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