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Marigold seeds

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How are you doing with your time-filling activities now that so many of us are locked up inside and told not to go out? Have you been able to complete any of your projects?

Part of my plan to fill some of the hours in my stay-at-home time was to get a start on flowers for this summer. I planned to get a small seed starter kit and a packet of marigold seeds. I looked forward to seeing the little greenery coming up, a sign of life. My plan went nowhere.

Where are all the marigold seeds?

While I almost understand why the stores are out of bread and canned beans, who is buying all the flower seeds from nurseries and gardening centers? Granted, I only tried to order from locations in my growing zone, but still … how can they all be out of stock?

Learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube didn’t go well either, even with the help of multiple YouTube videos that promised to teach how to solve within 30 seconds.

Not all my plans have failed so miserably, however. I did manage to finish three French lessons on Duolingo.com. Encouraged by how fast it came to me, I decided to read children’s books in French as a way to learn more. The French Experiment (www.thefrenchexperiment.com) offers not only books in French but lessons.

As I write this, there are still a handful of states where the governor has not issued mandatory stay at home orders. If you’re in one of those states, pretend that you are under restrictions. Your job is to keep yourself healthy. To do that you need to stay at home. Imagine that every other person outside has the virus, because there’s a chance that they do and no one knows it yet.

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