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Marlow Tackett had a big Christmas giveaway


Elzie Ray and Irene Hatton are pictured on April 8, 2012, their 17th wedding anniversary, with their dog Bubba.

Elzie Ray and Irene Hatton are pictured on April 8, 2012, their 17th wedding anniversary, with their dog Bubba.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and had a very merry Christmas.

I enjoyed mine very much. My son Astor came in and took me home with home to Georgetown for three days. I had never spent Christmas away from home. I had a very good time.

My family missed me and I had lots of gifts waiting for me when I came home. It’s good to be missed. I miss them all too.

It was good running into my old buddy Arnold Ray Conn at Walmart there. It was a nice surprise. He lives near there. We still miss him living here.

Astor and I visited with my nephew Tony Howard who was in a Lexington hospital and not doing well at all. He is not any better now. I was so glad to get to see him. We are all so worried about him. He lives in Nicholasville.

Astor and wife Rosemary had lots of company over Christmas. Rosemary’s son Michael Bevins and his family from Grayson came and they really enjoyed having them.

After I left, Astor’s daughter Kathy and husband Chris Nelson and their daughter Caroline and also Taylor Shaffer, my granddaughters, came.

Willie and Claudine Sturgill live in Bloomville, Ohio.

Willie and Claudine Sturgill live in Bloomville, Ohio.

I had a nice little visit with my brother Charles Howard at Howard’s Carpet and I met a nice lady there, Paula Lowe. She makes great candy! She brought some for Charles and I got to eat some of it. Turned out I knew about all her family. I had never met her before. I enjoyed meeting her.

I called Paul Hatton and Mae to wish them a merry Christmas. She had just got out of the hospital but was feeling some better.

My brother John Hatton took his four sisters to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch, Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock, Betty Tyree and me. Our brother Charles came in and joined us. We all enjoyed it. We love getting together.

Talked to Dorthy Tacket. They all had a good Christmas.

Randall and Carol Day had a great open house on Christmas Eve and they all had a great time with friends and family.

We’ve had a little snow but not enough to cover the ground.

My great-granddaughter had a great birthday party at the recreation building. Little Gracie Hatton is nine years old now and thinks she is grown up, a sweet little girl.

I’m glad to hear Charlie Hatton is feeling better. He’s not been doing well for a while.

I think all of my family had a good Christmas. We all appreciate Marlow Tackett having a big Christmas giveaway for all the people and for all that volunteered to help. Our mountain people are good at helping people in need. He sure gets a lot to help lots of people have a good Christmas and they did.

Thank you, Marlow Tackett. He has been doing this for 36 years. I’m sure he has made things much better for many families. He’s made lots of friends here. He comes to our Howard Christmas when he can.

I got a call from my son Astor in Georgetown. They have three inches of snow. Keep it there. It’s pretty, but I’m in no hurry for it.

My nephew Tony Howard is still in a Lexington hospital and is not doing well at all. He is surely in need of prayers. We are so worried about him. I think about all our brothers are down there. Everyone loves Tony.

My son Rob had a great Christmas in Lexington with his children and all his grandchildren. That’s what makes a good Christmas.

My son Billy and wife Sandra had all their family together and so everyone was happy.

Larry and Linda always have a big merry Christmas every year.

So all my family was accounted for and that makes me happy — seeing my family happy.

I sure appreciated all the Christmas cards. I’m still reading them over and over.

Our sympathy goes out to the ones who lost loved ones.

There’s not much going on around here so I’ll stop rattling on. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. I’ve missed some myself through the holidays. I’ll sure be glad to be back. I don’t like missing my church. I love my church!

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