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Marlowe boy marks birthday


Nine-month-old Grayson Rain Honeycutt is the son of Katy and Josh Honeycutt.

Nine-month-old Grayson Rain Honeycutt is the son of Katy and Josh Honeycutt.

Well hello again, hope you are all okay.

A late happy birthday to one of our Marlowe boys, Archie Noble, on June 25. I watched him grow up. I saw him at Mountain Heritage and didn’t recognize him. He was no longer the little son of the late Mima and Vernon Noble. He had grown up.

I was glad to see Emma Lou Engle was able to write her news last week. I always look for it. I hope she is feeling better.

That Rose Ballard is sure getting around. You would have to roller skate to keep up with her. I’m glad she is doing well.

My cousin, Dorothy Miles, has been in the hospital. She is home now and feeling some better, but she needs prayer. She’s like another sister to us Howards.

I always read the Blackey News. I saw where Molly Hope Campbell had a birthday. I won’t tell her age, because we started first grade together at Blackey.

I also read where Charles Ann (Caudill) Mullis had been visiting family and friends at Blackey. I also went to school with her. She lives in Florida now. She is a daughter of the late Tessie Mae and Charlie Caudill. He owned the C.B. Caudill Store. Everyone knew and loved him.

I think his was the only place to buy groceries and everything ‘from soup to hog’ as everyone would say. He was well loved by everyone who knew him.

I also heard Roland Brown had a birthday. Belated happy birthday. Don’t have them too often, or you’ll get old like some people already have.

My son Bill and wife Sandra and I had lunch at Pine Mountain Grill on Wednesday, and we met Jim Arnold and his wife. It was their anniversary. I enjoyed meeting with them. He works with Billy, and it turned out he knew all my family and I knew his. He was a Blackey boy. I hope we didn’t talk him to death. I had never met him. He has a real pretty wife and friendly, too!

I just heard that Richard Adams has died. He has been in poor health for a long time, and his wife Pauline, also. He will surely be missed by everyone, especially the Ermine Senior Citizens Center. Our sympathy goes out to all his family.

We have a lot of birthdays coming up. My little brother Bobby Ray Howard’s is July 4; my grandson Chris Hatton, July 11; my son Astor ‘Red’ Hatton, July 13; greatgranddaughter Ellie Mullins, July 17; and granddaughter Wendy Hatton Day, July 20.

They have ganged up on us. Happy birthday anyway. It happens to the best of us.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, wants to thank everyone for helping us with our baked spaghetti sale on Friday. They sold 125 dinners. It went really well.

Our church Homecoming will start July 7 and last all week with Bro. Wendell Pittman of Missouri. He’s been coming for about 12 years. We all love him and his wife.

Please keep praying for Belinda and Billy Conn’s daughter, Tonda. I don’t know her last name. She is very sick, needing a heart transplant. She has six children and the youngest one is only about a month old.

Keep praying for Sonia Fields and all the others who are sick.

I don’t know if our County Judge told all of you, but he had a birthday on June 27. He doesn’t look any older. Late happy birthday, Jim Ward. He lives up the road from me.

I hope this has been a good week for all of you. It sure has been a good one for me. Everything has made me happy. Everything looks good, flowers are beautiful, gardens are looking good, I had lots of calls from good friends and family.

I know that there has been sadness and lots of sick friends and also some passing away, but I can pray for them and visit. I’m thankful to be able to do that.

I have great friends that I love and my church that means so much to me.

My son Larry and his son Chris Hatton have been getting lots of work done at their homes up on the hill above me. I’ve enjoyed that. I don’t mind work. I can watch it for hours and not get tired.

I’ve been doing some outside work at my house, and that does make me tired, but I’m so thankful to be able to do it.

I miss my brother, John Howard. He’s at his camper at the lake. I’m sure he is enjoying it. I called him and told him to come home. He doesn’t always mind me.

None of my family will let me be the boss. I’m the oldest of the Howard generation. I love all of them. There are a lot of us left. Thank God for that!

I’m sure all of the school children are enjoying being out of school. I hope they are all being careful.

I’m sure you are all tired of reading all of this boring stuff, so, God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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