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Marlowe reunion draws big crowd

The Marlowe reunion was held May 23 at the Earnest Cook Memorial Park in Whitesburg.

The Marlowe reunion was held May 23 at the Earnest Cook Memorial Park in Whitesburg.

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and all the sick are feeling better.

I just got word that a good friend of mine and a member of our church, Sonia Fields, wife of Levine Fields of Cowan, died in Lexington on May 20. She had been a great help in our church, teaching Sunday school, working with the children and being involved in everything the church did. She will surely be missed. Our greatest sympathy goes out to all her family. We love the whole family.


My son Robert came in for a visit with me on Memorial Day. I was looking forward to it. We always have a good time.

My son Astor and his family were leaving on a vacation May 23 and would be enjoying the beach for a week. They needed a rest.

My sons Rob and Billy and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch on Friday. It was good seeing Ralph Brown, Martha Burns and Annabel Wright.

It was good getting a call from Bertha (Page) Dye of Prestonsburg, but said to hear she had been so sick and wouldn’t get to the Marlowe reunion.

We all appreciate all the people who worked so hard to get the Marlowe reunion together. I don’t know who all were involved in it. I know my son Bill and all of Dorthy Tacket’s family. I’m sure there were a lot more. I’ll find out later. You all deserve a big A plus! I didn’t do anything but advertise it.

Dan Combs and his wife Penny were there. She had just gotten out of the hospital with pneumonia. I hope she’s doing better.

Dorthy’s son Albert and his wife were there from South Carolina. Jeanette Yonts was there, and Delores Holbrook and Charlene Mason were there and their singing group Master’s Harmony. One of the men is Ray Smith. I didn’t know the other one’s name, but their singing was great! And so were all the other singers. It was a great day.

All the Taylors were there, Robert “ Buddy” Taylor and Joella and Madonna. Effie (Dixon) Taylor was there. I don’t know who came with her.

Ralph Brown, Roland and wife Ruth and their son Roland Jr. came, and the children of the late Ed and Katherine Banks of Marlowe, Zella and brothers Johnny and Kernel Banks and so many more I can’t name.

Eighty- two people signed the book. I know everyone didn’t. I hadn’t seen them in so many years. It was good seeing them all.

I had to leave early to meet some people at the cemetery.

Some of this news was for last week. I started it and had company and didn’t finish it.

Another great thing happened, they put my husband Clyde Hatton’s name on the bridge at Marlowe. Clyde was born there and never lived over two miles from there. I still live there. I was so pleased to see it. I really appreciate the people who got it done.

All the Pennington girls were there, Pearl Noble and Charles and Linda Hall and Dorthy Tacket. I know I have left out a lot of names. I have trouble remembering and think of them later.

I think about all the Howards were there. My sister Joanne Brown came from Indiana.

It was also Memorial Day.

My brother Jack Howard of Tennessee, was there for the Marlowe reunion.

I know this is a crazy, mixed-up thing. I write it when I think of it or I forget it. I have to write it all by hand and do it a little at a time.

I’ve been enjoying the nice weather here. It’s sure been bad in other places, so much flooding. It’s so sad.

We still have a lot of folks sick and needing prayer.

May God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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